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8月15日,由Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects设计的丹麦奥胡斯Dokk1图书馆获得了国际图书馆协会颁发的2016年年度最佳图书馆大奖。组委会认为建筑师将用户需求、当地文化、数字化的未来趋势以及面向不同社会群体的原则完美地融合到了这座开放而有极其高效的建筑之中,是一座追随时代脚步一同发展的真正的图书馆。

Monday 15th August, Dokk1 in Aarhus, Denmark, designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, was announced winner of the Public Library of the Year Award 2016 at a ceremony during the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) congress in Columbus, Ohio. The international panel of judges recognised Dokk1 as a true library of the future that embraces new digital developments, user demands, local culture, and a desire to accommodate diverse population groups within an open and functional architectural expression.

Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects_Dokk1_Aerial

Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects_Dokk1_Plaza and Stairs to Main Entrance

Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects_Dokk1_Interior Flexible Space

北欧最大图书馆,位于丹麦奥胡斯的Dokk1图书馆在2015年6月20日开馆,其有着现代化的综合性功能设施。图书馆建筑面积3万平方米,位于奥胡斯海滨,集图书馆,市民服务中心,千位停车场和公共广场为一身,整个项目预算超过2.8亿欧元,算得上是奥胡斯市有史以来最大的建设项目。Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects在2009年通过设计竞赛赢得该项目的设计权。

Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects_Dokk1_harbor

All photos ©  Adam MØrk.
When Dokk1 opens its doors to the public on Saturday, 20 June, it will be the largest public library in the Nordic countries, representing a new generation of modern, hybrid libraries. The 30,000 square metre building is part of the Urban Mediaspace project, which is transforming the harbour front of Aarhus. The project houses the new library, a citizen service centre, automatic parking for 1,000 cars and new harbour-side public squares. With a budget of over € 280 million, it is the largest construction project by the Municipality of Aarhus in the city’s history.
In 2009, schmidt hammer lassen architects won the competition to design the new Urban Mediaspace project as lead architect in collaboration with Kristine Jensens Landscaping and engineering company Alectia.


The large polygonal building is located at the mouth of the Aarhus River, connecting the city with the port and water. Flanked by forests to the north and south, a recreational belt has been created through which a new light railway will run with a dedicated station at Dokk1. Road traffic will be redirected, so that it has direct access to the large under-ground car park beneath the building. New cycle paths run through the scheme that in-cludes over 450 bicycle parking spaces. Dokk1 will become a new hub and metaphorically the “hinge” that opens up to new experiences in Aarhus city.


Dokk1的设计理念是一个覆盖城市的透明建筑空间,SHL的高级合伙人Kim Holst Jensen提到Dokk1不仅是一个建筑,还是一个城市中用于交换知识 ,汇聚多元文化的枢纽,这个建筑就是这样一个特殊的视觉化体系结构。


A covered urban space

The principal idea behind Dokk1 is a transparent covered urban space. Kim Holst Jen-sen, Senior Partner at schmidt hammer lassen architects, explains: “Dokk1 is not simply a building. It is a place for exchanging knowledge and opportunities and a multicultural meeting point that will change people’s perception of the entire city. Dokk1 enhances this special setting with an architecture that creates an exceptional visual connection to the city – both from inside the building and out. Through this, we form an icon for the knowledge society, an icon that supports and stimulates creative collaboration.”
Dokk1 is designed as a polygonal slice that hovers above a glazed building resting on a podium with large sculptural stairs. The stairs fan out to street level and the new harbour promenade surrounding the building. The glass building is designed as an open urban space with 360-degree views of the water, harbour, forest and city. The building has no clear front or back, which is emphasised by the multi-edged top slice that creates the impression of rotation and movement. The facade is made of expanded metal, the scale of the city and harbour is reflected in the design, which twists, breaks and turns. The concept of the façade design is an interaction with the height of the surrounding build-ings and the scale of the port with reference to large elements, such as cranes and ships.





Democratic, open and diverse
The polygonal top floor contains the municipal administration offices along with rental offices. The two open levels of the library are connected by the media ramp, which con-sists of five platforms, each dedicated to an activity: exhibitions, gaming, interactive workshops, reading and events. Combined with the literature and media sections, the media ramp offers a meandering path of activity through the building leading up to the children’s area on the top floor.
“Inside, the open layout creates visual connections between the various functions, and invites the visitor to be inspired by the vast amount of information that inevitably meets them. Openness encourages social interaction and the exchange of information. Dokk1 will become a vibrant space for people of all generations, interests and cultures. Our concept, with interweaving activities and functions, supports this synergy,” concludes Kim Holst Jensen, Senior Partner at schmidt hammer lassen architects.








The development of Dokk1 has in many ways influenced how schmidt hammer lassen designs libraries around the world. One example is in the handling of the public consultation, from which we have learnt large amounts. For Dokk1, this process directly influenced the size of the multi-hall and the design of information in the reception area.

Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects_Dokk1_exterior


schmidt hammer lassen architects has extensive experience of designing libraries. The most renowned of these being the extension to the Royal Library in Copenhagen, Den-mark, and the RIBA award-winning University of Aberdeen New Library in Scotland. Last year, two Canadian libraries opened in Halifax and Edmonton and in 2018 a new central library in Christchurch, New Zealand, will open. Earlier this year, Dokk1 was awarded a commendation in the category “Cultural Regeneration” at the 2015 MIPIM Architectural Review Future Projects Awards.






Architect: schmidt hammer lassen architects
Client: Aarhus Municipality
Client Partner: Realdania
Area: 35,600 m2
Construction sum: Approx. Euro 280 million excluding VAT
Competition: 2009, first prize in an international competition
Status: Built 2015
Lead architect: schmidt hammer lassen architects
Engineer: Alectia Rådgivende Ingeniører
Landscaping: Arkitekt Kristine Jensens Tegnestue
Client Consultant: Rambøll Danmark
Other consultants: Bahn arkitekter (accessibility)
Sustainability: The building meets the requirements of the Danish 2015 energy classification and has 3,000 m2 of solar cells on its roof.
Awards: Commendation, Architectural Review MIPIM Future Projects Awards 2015
Photo: Adam Mørk

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