DMVDV by i.s.m.architecten

The design plays with different floor heights to create a spacious experience.

Project Specs


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all photos by Luis Díaz Díaz



DMVDV is an interior project. The client wanted an office space integrated in the existing living room with an annex library. This design plays with different floor heights to create a spacious experience. The floor of the library is the same as the height of the bench/ tv tablet. By using transparency and mirrors we tried to limit the impact on the existing space. (mirror under bench visually lengthens wooden floor).

002-Wim_sister_by_ism_architecten_photo_luis_diaz_diaz_02     003-Wim_sister_by_ism_architecten_photo_luis_diaz_diaz_03

004-Wim_sister_by_ism_architecten_photo_luis_diaz_diaz_04     005-Wim_sister_by_ism_architecten_photo_luis_diaz_diaz_05

location: Louvain (BE)
completion: 2015
client: private
program: office space and some cupboards
interior architecture : i.s.m.architecten
photographs: Luis Díaz Díaz

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