Dishan Commune Tea House, China by ZB-Design

To experience the unique rhythm of Chinese-style space in a modern minimalist frame

Project Specs


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If you want to innovate, look for its ancient roots.

▼馆内一瞥,a glance to the tea house


The project is located in the old dock park on the south bund of Shanghai.

▼建筑外观,exterior view


Due to the narrow space of the project, the designer hopes that everyone can experience the unique sense of space rhythm of Chinese style in the modern minimalist frame. The overall space frame enters the second floor public space through the staircase on the first floor, and then enters the small space to shrink and then shrink the rhythm, which has evolved to get rid of fusiness and decoration.

▼室内概览,interior overview


Gives priority to color with gray, coupled with the copper and the log, make whole space will be more gentle and quiet every part of the natural color transition, harmonious and unified, reduces the parts of a layer of space for people’s visual stimuli, refining a pure white independent stage build body, white give a person a kind of professional, and can make the tea degrees express the original color and space more entertaining.

▼灰白空间结合红铜与原木,based on gray and white, the palette is completed by red metal and solid wood


The old thing of grey of grey and massiness vicissitudes of life forms the contrast on temperament, new update old more old, pull open the cascade on time.

▼饮茶区,tea area

▼细部,detailed view


The space design concept of the second floor mainly refers to the special Chinese style courtyard wing as the basis of the concept of space evolution.

▼二层公共教室,the public classroom on the second floor

▼二层公共区域入口,entrance to the public area

▼入口装饰墙细节,the featured wall


The style of the three tea art spaces is also slightly different. The japanese-tibetan style is modern, which is also a combination of the habits and sense of belonging of the consumer groups to carry out a positive integration and enhance the sense of experience.

▼茶艺空间,tea art space


The whole space uses a large number of framed scenes, which can selectively frame the distant elevation modeling and combine it with the nearby elevation modeling to make the whole space malleable

▼框景,the framed scenes

▼植物小景,greenery installation

▼茶具,tea set

▼临街玻璃窗,the large window facing the street

▼一层平面布置图,first floor plan

▼二层平面布置图,second floor plan

参与设计:袁超 石莱
后期摄影:Archtric Image


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