DIASPORA by L’EAU design

An Alternative Life for the Immigrant Community

Project Specs


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▼项目概览,overall view of the project © Kyungsub Shin

‘Diaspora’ has the meaning of national dispersion or separation in its etymology. It also refers to the residing place and community where the members of an ethnic group have scattered across different pats of the world and formed a village. In modern society, the words ‘returning from farming and home’ are frequently appearing. This is because a new form of ‘emotional diaspora’ is appearing as returnees migrate their home ground in search of another life.

▼住宅采用了坡屋顶的建筑形式,The house is designed with a pitched roof © Kyungsub Shin

▼住宅单体山墙立面,gabled facade of the house © Kyungsub Shin


▼归乡者经历过不同的生活模式,The returnees have experienced different patterns of life ©  L’EAU design Co.,Ltd

The houses of these villages must free from the enumerative duplication of the standardized residential units and must be formed in a communal arrangement where the houses, which have included the unique lifestyle of those who have lived their lives are in harmony with each other’s variety.

▼统一的单体衍生出多样性的住宅单元,Unified monomer gives rise to a diversity of residential units ©  L’EAU design Co.,Ltd


▼住宅并沿轴线排布,the units are arranged by the arrangement axis ©  L’EAU design Co.,Ltd

Yeoncheon Diaspora is based on autonomy and flexibility in placement in order to respect each other’s life, but it takes into account the local characteristics of the site. Set a constant gable slope appropriate to the climate characteristics and arrange the arrangement axis so that the village community facing the panoramic view of Mt. Gam-ak shares the landscape together.

▼体块生成,process of the concept ©  L’EAU design Co.,Ltd

▼概念分析,analyze of the concept ©  L’EAU design Co.,Ltd


▼项目主入口,entrance of the house © Kyungsub Shin

▼露台形成优质的室外活动空间,The terrace forms a quality outdoor activity space © Kyungsub Shin

▼角窗体现出建筑体块的切割,The corner window shows the cutting of the building volume © Kyungsub Shin

▼自然环境通过切割的空间渗透到建筑中,natural environment permeates the building through the void spaces © Kyungsub Shin

▼立面细部,details of the project © Kyungsub Shin

The gable volumes are placed depending on the function of the room and considering the direction. The full volumes are partially taken out and filed with void space, inserting nature into it, creating a primitive. Later, necessary rooms are added to the volume to create a generative structure that is modifiable over time.

▼入口玄关,The entrance porch © Kyungsub Shin

▼由玄关看室内空间,viewing the interior from the porch © Kyungsub Shin

▼餐厅与厨房,dining and kitchen © Kyungsub Shin

▼大面积的玻璃为客厅营造出通透明亮之感,Large area of glass makes the living room transparent and bright © Kyungsub Shin

▼卧室,bedroom © Kyungsub Shin

▼天窗细部,detail of the skylight © Kyungsub Shin

▼平面图,plan ©  L’EAU design Co.,Ltd

▼立面图,elevations ©  L’EAU design Co.,Ltd

▼剖面图,sections ©  L’EAU design Co.,Ltd

Design:Kim Dong-jin / L’EAU design Co.,Ltd
Design Team:Ju Ik-hyeon, Song Jung-eun, Kim Min-ji, Bilikai
Location:Yeoncheon, Korea
Land Area:1330.00С
Building Area:199.11С
Gross Floor Area:199.11С
Storey :1F
Building to Land Ratio:14.97%
Floor Area Ratio:14.97%
Structure:Reinforced Concrete (RC)
Exterior Finishing:Cedar shake, Brick
Interior Finishing:Wooden floor, Tile, Paint
Construction:E-eco construction
Structural engineer:SDM Structural engineers
Mechanical engineer:Sung-Shin Mechanical engineers
Electrical engineer:Kuk-dong Electrical engineers
Design Period:2017.01~2017.06
Completion Date:2017.06~2018.02
photographer:Kyungsub Shin (http://www.shinkyungsub.com/)
Prime minister:iaa awards 2020 winnwer

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