DEERYARD in Hainan, China by Invisible Decoration Design

The tide whales enter the sea, the forest deers drink stream.

Project Specs


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The project is located in Dumiao Village, Wenchang City, Hainan Province. The 100-year abandoned house covers an area of ​​550m2. The theme of the front yard design is the ocean, that is, the tide whales enter the sea, and the backyard design theme is the forest, that is, the forest empty deer drinking stream.



As a beautiful rural model hospital in Hainan, it has attracted much attention. In addition to the functional layout to meet the needs of modern accommodation, the design concept has also made bold attempts to break through the traditional thinking and visually refreshing. The shape of the white metal plate sailing ship built into the home also means the sailing of the beautiful countryside in Hainan.

▼项目一览,overall view of the project

▼前院,户门设有帆船造型的白色金属板,front yard, white metal plate accents the entrance of the building


The front yard layout adds a bathtub area to the original two-bedroom building, which makes the space feel more layered while the glass curtain improves the old house lighting. The addition of the mirror façade stainless steel reflects the quaint brick walls of the original old house, which weakens the building itself. The whale lights, blue crystal coffee table, and lake blue door frame hanging in the living room all highlight the marine theme.

▼前院中的浴缸区由镜面不锈钢板围合,弱化建筑本身,bathtub area enclosed by mirrored stainless steel plate, weakening the building itself

▼客厅,充满海洋元素,living room with ocean theme elements

▼客厅细部,details of the living room


The backyard layout combines the dining room and the living room on the basis of the original two-bedroom building. The restaurant chandeliers are made of tropical plants and dried flowers. The murals from deer sculptures, green walls and parrots also fit the forest theme. The original old house window has a small lighting, and the backyard bedroom partially transforms the floor-to-ceiling windows to enhance the occupancy experience.

▼后院餐厅入口,entrance of the dining room in the backyard

▼客房,guest rooms


The public dining area is equipped with a separate kitchen, and the colorful skylights of the restaurant symbolize the colorful life of many ethnic minorities in Hainan. The design of the courtyard consists of a water scenic spot, a mountain green area, a water bar area, a awning leisure area, and a children’s bunker area. The visual interspersed with the pink bougainvillea makes the space more flexible and warm. Mirror stainless steel, lake blue metal plate, crystal brick, U-shaped glass to increase the old house fashion sense.

▼水晶砖围合的休息空间,rest area enclosed by crystal brick

▼入口处洗手池夜景,night view of the hand washing sink at the entrance




Project Name: DEERYARD
Contact E-mail:
Design & Completion Year: 2018
Designer: SHUAI LI
Project Location: Damiao Village, Tanniu Town, Wenchang City, Hainan Province
Gross Built Area: 230㎡
Photo Credits: SHUANGXI LI

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