Cutlery Set for Restaurant Barr by Snøhetta

Snøhetta makes a taste of barr accessible to the world through a custom-made cutlery set

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Snøhetta与设计品牌Table Noi共同为哥本哈根的Barr餐厅设计并开发了一套定制餐具。在设计过程中,Snøhetta团队与合作伙伴Table Noir以及Barr餐厅的主厨Thorsten Schmidt进行了密切合作,旨在进一步改善餐厅的体验。这套餐具已于2018年秋季正式在线上及个别专卖店内出售,并将吸引更多人参与到Barr的烹饪故事当中。

Snøhetta has designed and developed a custom-made cutlery set in collaboration with design brand Table Noir for restaurant Barr in Copenhagen. The cutlery set is designed in close partnership with Table Noir and executive chef Thorsten Schmidt of Barr, with the aim of further enhancing the restaurant experience. Since the fall of 2018 the cutlery set has been sold online and in selected stores, enabling more people to take part in Barr’s culinary story.

▼Snøhetta与Table Noi合作设计的餐具,a custom-made cutlery set designed and developed by Snøhetta in collaboration with Table Noir ©Table Noir

©Table Noir

Barr餐具系列的发布体现了Snøhetta对于产品设计的持续关注,同时也促进了他们在设计与建筑领域的跨学科式发展。继2017年为Noma餐饮集团进行了室内设计和视觉形象设计之后, Snøhetta通过本次的餐具设计打造出了一套完整的设计体验,实现了对室内设计、平面设计和产品设计的融汇与兼顾。Barr餐具系列的设计充分且细致地考量了餐厅的经营理念,在呼应餐厅外观和氛围的同时,也使餐厅的整体体验得到了完善。

The launch of the Barr cutlery represents a new focus on product design for Snøhetta, with the aim to further strengthening the firm’s transdisciplinary approach to design and architecture. After having designed restaurant Barr’s interiors and visual identity for the Noma Restaurant Group in 2017, the design of the cutlery allows Snøhetta to create a holistic design experience that complements the interior architecture and graphic design. By carefully crafting a cutlery set that builds on the restaurant’s conceptual expression, the cutlery design echoes the look and feel of Barr while also enhancing the overall restaurant experience.

▼Barr餐具与餐厅氛围相得益彰,the cutlery design echoes the look and feel of Barr while also enhancing the overall restaurant experience ©Table Noir

▼餐具细部,detail ©Calle Huth / Studio Illegal

©Calle Huth

Categories: Product Design, Product & Package Design
Timeline: 2017-2018
Status: Completed
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Client: Table Noir
Collaborator: Thorsten Schmidt, Executive Chef at Barr

More: Snøhetta。更多关于: Snøhetta on gooood.

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