Creek Clubhouse, China by Steinberg Hart

A Clubhouse Hidden in Plain View

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A Clubhouse Hidden in Plain View


▼项目概览,project overview ©夏至

This recreational clubhouse building was a late planning addition to a large residential development in Chengdu.  Because open space was scarce when the clubhouse was added, we decided to tuck the building into a hillside facing the small creek, and pull the green terrain over the top as a blanket of rolling hills.  The move preserves both views and usable outdoor space for the surrounding luxury residences.  Approaching by car or by foot, the clubhouse is well hidden within the man-made hill.

▼设计概念,design concept ©施坦伯格


On arrival, small, sculptural skylights emerge from the landscape along with the low-slung entrance canopy giving welcoming clues to the building within.  Along the creek, the multi-story façade forms a “cliff face” with terraces opening out from all the major interior spaces, and a geode-like multi-story glass lobby at the bend.

▼建筑近景,approach view ©夏至



A Cave in the Bamboo Forest


Like walking in a bamboo forest, the entry experience provides rich spatial variety, with dramatic transitions from the elongated entry gallery with light filtering down from above, to the grand atrium lobby like a forest clearing, with views to the sky and the creek beyond.  All major functional rooms face the creek too.

▼入口体验提供了丰富的空间变化, the entry experience provides rich spatial variety ©夏至

▼入口走廊,entry gallery ©夏至

▼从走廊望向大堂,view to the lobby from the gallery ©夏至

▼大堂休息室,lobby lounge ©夏至

▼水疗中心,spa ©夏至

▼水疗中心水池,spa pool ©夏至


The outdoor fitness pool doubles as a reflecting pool, connecting the building and creek with an infinity edge waterfall.  By blurring the boundaries between architecture, landscape and interiors, the clubhouse creates moments of surprise and discovery through a creative reinterpretation of local Chengdu culture and its legendary bamboo forests.

▼户外泳池,the outdoor pool ©夏至

▼会所模糊了建筑、景观和室内之间的界限, the club blurs the boundaries between architecture, landscape and interiors ©夏至

▼小溪视角,view from the creek ©夏至

▼夜景,night view ©夏至

▼模型,model ©施坦伯格

▼地形平面,landscape  ©施坦伯格

▼场地平面图,site plan ©施坦伯格

▼一层平面图,plan level 1 ©施坦伯格

▼二层平面图,plan level 2 ©施坦伯格

▼剖面图,section ©施坦伯格

项目设计 & 完成年份:2013 & 2015
主创及设计团队:Jason Briscoe, 陈鸿,吴玲,徐意俊,许施瑾,曾虹
合作方:施工单位 四川福光锦官建设工程有限责任公司

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