cottonREPUBLIC off-line Flagship Store in Beijing, China by RAMOPRIMO

Colorful basket creating unique shopping experience.

Project Specs


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▼ 两侧可见的巨大装置,large installation which could be seen from both sides

▼ 轴测图,axonometric

RAMOPRIMO just realized in Beijing the new flagship store for British-Chinese underwear fashion brand cottonREPUBLIC. The project features a large basket-like spatial envelope organized as an increasing overlapping of five rings composed by a succession of colorful diagonal iron rods. The structural pattern was originally inspired by the interlaced timber partition screens of traditional Chinese architecture, but it has been hybridized with a palette of shiny colors: yellow, red, orange and pink. The resulting structure is floating in the space surprising and surrounding the customers, like an oversized patterned women’s tights, a wrap-around roller coaster track, or the bent portion of a psychedelic Eiffel tower.

This very peculiar spatial solution was also inspired by the nature of the space: a small store completely open on two sides to the shopping mall public corridor. The challenge was about choosing between some display elements on the show windows, visible from outside, or a traditional shelving system where to show products inside the shop, without having to sacrifice the advantages of either. The choice to design a large perimeter structure was answering these issues. It was also dictated by the need to have a long shelf where placing colorful packaging boxes, alligned and sorted by type and visible on both sides. The large attracting installation combined with all display elements will enhance the spatial and sensorial shopping experience.

▼ 色彩鲜艳的展示空间,colorful display space


The starting concept for the floor was to create a large continous action painting made of white, grey and black resin. While dropping the first colours on the 60 square meter canvas, we suddently realized that the slow movement of the white background, still liquid, was reacting in a very interesting way, randomly creating un-expected effects of fade and fusion. Once dried, the merging of black and grey spots reminds to the Chinese black and white “shan shui” ink paintings. A large illuminating ceiling is diffusing a soft light from above reducing the use of visible spotlights, that usually punctuate the ceiling of fashion shops in malls.

▼ 水墨画一般的地面,floor reminds people of Chinese “shan shui” ink paintings


▼ 天花反射光照明,ceiling providing diffused lighting



Functional objects, like cashier counter and vertical displays for the brand’s collection of socks, have been designed as simple white boxes randomly places around the space. White wooden varnished discs, provided of a magnet on a side, work as supports for the underwear products and can be freely attached to the colored iron shelves to create a ever-changing display system that can be flexibly customized according to needs.

▼ 袜架等功能物件为白色盒子,白色圆盘吸附在铁架上,functional objects as white boxes, white discs attached to the iron shelves by magnets


▼ 平面图,plan

▼ 结构分析图,structure analysis

project name: cottonREPUBLIC flagship store
program: fashion store, brand lifestyle showcase, product displays
date: 2017
area: 60 m²
location: Beijing, China
design team: RAMOPRIMO
architects: Marcella Campa, Stefano Avesani
collaborators: Jia Chen, Sara Scotti
general contractor: Beijing Huayishengze Decorate Engineering Co., Ltd
construction: Yuan WenJie (袁文杰)
engineering: Yuan ZhiFeng (袁志锋)
photo credits: STUDIO RAMOPRIMO

English text: RAMOPRIMO
Chinese text: gooood

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