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The beauty of a deserted loneliness

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基地位于台北城南快速道路侧,座北朝南,南西两向是大片帷幕玻璃窗,南向隔着快速道路是一道六米高左右的河岸堤防,西向邻巷; 室内空间原属商办大楼,挑高约3米5; 透过帷幕往南看是新店溪侧六米高左右的灰色斑驳水泥堤防,如同一道大围墙,呈现彷佛世纪末荒芜景观孤寂感的空间端景。

The base is located on the south side of Taipei City Expressway, facing south from the north, and facing south and west are large glass curtain windows. And southward is separated by an express road, which is a six-meter-high riverside embankment, and westward looking to the adjacent lane; the indoor space is originally a commercial building, about 3.5 meters high; looking south through the glass curtain is a gray mottled concrete embankment about six meters high on the side of Xindian Creek. It is like a large wall, seemingly like the end of space with the lonely deserted landscape at the end of the century.


▼客厅,living room

设计概念是把堤防想像为室内空间的外墙,透过空荡的快速道路和南向邻窗侧留白的开放空间,创造出景深的层次;厨房中岛餐桌书房一字排开,梁柱结构外露,天花裸露,强调商办大楼挑高优势; 色调延续堤防的灰色斑驳色调,质感呼应堤防粗犷感;由外而内是灰阶延续。

The design concept is to imagine the embankment as the outer wall of the indoor space, creating a depth of field through the empty expressway and the open space to the southward looking adjacent window; the island dining table in the kitchen is lined up with the study room, and the beam-column structure is exposed. The ceiling is bare, emphasizing the lofty elevation of the commercial building; the shades continue the gray mottled color of the embankment, the texture echoes the robust feeling of the embankment; and the grayscale continues inward from the outside.

▼客厅与用餐区域相连,the living room is connected with the dining area

▼餐厅,dining area

▼厨房中岛,kitchen island

▼书房与厨房中岛及餐桌一字排开,the island dining table in the kitchen is lined up with the study room

▼书房细部,interior view of the study room


Music is the focus of life. The living room designed with the concept of the audio-visual room is the center of the whole room. The south-facing opening is adjacent to the window and the white open space. The ceiling and the wall provide the sound field reflection effect using different three-dimensional shapes designed with dissemination boards; the rest of the direction is surrounded by the private space – the master bedroom, bedroom and the service space – cloakroom at the entrance porch, diving equipment room and wine cellar, and the grayscale continues to extend.

▼客厅/音响室是全室空间中心, the living room designed with the concept of the audio-visual room is the center of the whole room

▼音响室,audio-visual room

▼走廊转角,corner of the corridor

整体空间规划是依业主广泛兴趣喜好创造出的场景,以音乐为核心,靠窗长条空间是烹煮美食,品味珍醸,阅读书写,希望创造出可安静沉淀, 也可朋友聚会交流,临着快速道路,灰色斑驳堤防延续内外,音乐缭绕,杯觥交错,高谈阔论……与原荒芜孤寂景像呈现出对比性的河岸居所。

The overall spatial planning is created according to the interests of the owners. The music is the core. The long space along the window is the cooking, the dining, the reading, with the hope of creating a quiet atmosphere, or for friends to meet and socialize; alongside the express roads, the gray mottled embankment continues inward from the outside, the music is lingering, the cups are intertwined, while engaging in high spirit chatting… the riverside residences are in sharp contrast with the deserted solitary scene.

▼卧室走廊,bedroom corridor

▼室内细部,interior detail


▼带有阳台的淋浴房,shower room with a balcony


设计单位 : 创研空间设计有限公司
施工单位 : 创研空间设计有限公司
装修面积 : 248m²
主要材料 : 乐土灰泥 / 白橡木皮 / 白橡木木地板 / 金属 / 扩散板 / 美丝吸音板

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