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接连着90年代的老居民楼,同框的就是Conemoting Market,深圳的潮人竟然如此的接地气,虚拟世界里面的实体空间根本不在乎在哪里,选址只要有网红潜质就可以了,Cecily 和J.Howell看中这个一楼附加五米层高地下室的商铺,大概是可以满足她们对买手店的全部想象。

The Conemoting Market lies next to the old residential buildings of the 1990s. A shop in this market is chosen by Cecily and J. Howell, which is on the ground floor with five metres of basement and probably able to satisfy their imagination of a buyer shop. Because the fashionable people in Shenzhen don’t care where the physical space is in the virtual world as long as it has the potential of Internet celebrity.

▼建筑外观,exterior view ©Xiaoyun

▼立面细部,closer view to the facade ©Xiaoyun



Light meal&Bar


so the scalability of public places is unprecedentedly broad. Stores are no longer just displaying and selling goods, they should be called “online physical space”. Stores evolved from a simple sales space into a lifestyle carrier, and then transformed into a social place. Now it has become a black hole leading to the online world, whose information carrying capacity is suddenly doubled. In this situation, perhaps display and counter sales can already be handled as a supplementary function of the online stores.

▼酒吧概览,overview of the bar ©Xiaoyun 


The creativity of designers is stimulated and the technique of expression began to exaggerate, so the specific materials, colors, objects, light, and sound all entered the second state collectively. The owner also clearly knew that this store was not serving people in the real world, and the wonderful ideas were further developed.

▼吧台区,Bar area ©Xiaoyun

▼酒吧卡座,Bar booth ©Xiaoyun

▼户外座椅区,Outdoor seating area ©Xiaoyun


Designer brand store&Buyer shop 


In other words, in the building in the old residential area of Shenzhen, we can create a physical space for the online space, in which the self-expression desire from the young generation can be released, the passion and inclusiveness of the old city community is ignited, meanwhile, it reflects the progress of the diversification of commercial ecology in Chinese cities!

▼通往一层的楼梯,Stairs leading to the first floor ©Xiaoyun

Conemoting market的空间叙述语言几乎可以是放任的,寓言,幻觉,伤痛,童真,陷阱,暧昧,药店,警告,科幻,抚慰,阶梯,经典,剧情,可爱,黑白,红色和欲望都被和谐地安置在一起。

The space narrative language of the Conemoting market can be almost laissez-faire. Allegory, hallucinations, pain, innocence, traps, ambiguous, pharmacies, warnings, science fiction, comfort, steps, classic, plot, cute, black and white, red and desire are all harmoniously placed together.

▼展示区域,Display area ©Xiaoyun

▼货架,shelves ©Xiaoyun

▼另一侧货架,shelves on the other side ©Xiaoyun


The 580-square-meter space is a theater that creates the “online human world”, where clothing is a high-level skin of thought, and coffee can be a messy prop!

▼收银台,checkstand ©Xiaoyun

▼围绕仓库的过道,The corridor around the warehouse ©Xiaoyun

▼球体穿插的空间,Space interspersed by spheres ©Xiaoyun

▼墙体一侧设有乐器装置,instrument installation on the wall ©Xiaoyun

▼试衣间,The fitting room ©Xiaoyun

▼休息区,Rest area ©Xiaoyun

实体店的僵局和功能在Conemoting market被轻松地打破了,在这里,客人在店铺拍照成为价值增长点,一张网红照片的获客能力和带货潜能在线上真的无法估量!设计赋予了这个店铺全新盈利通道!

The deadlock and functions of the brick-and-mortar stores are easily broken in the Conemoting market. Here, customers take photos in-store as a point of value growth. You can’t imagine how great the customer acquisition potential and influence of an internet celebrity photo is online! Design gives this shop a new profit channel!

▼1F轴测图,1F axon ©叶梹室内设计工作室

▼-1F轴测图,-1F axon ©叶梹室内设计工作室

设计团队:杨姗 晨晨溪
位置:中国 深圳 雕塑家园
类型:室内设计 商业建筑 服装
分类:建筑 室内
标签:室内设计 杭州

Design: Yebin Interior Design Studio
Lighting: Hangzhou Licheng Lighting Engineering Linited Company
Construction: Hangzhou Jouwei Decoration Engineering Linited Company
Photography: Xiaoyun
Location: China Shenzhen Sculpture Garden
Area: 580 Sqm
Typle: Interior Design, Commercial Architecture, Fashion
Category: Architecture, Interior
Hashtag: Interior Design, Hangzhou

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