Jimo OCT Rural Revitalization Culture Centre by SYN Architects

Carved Forms in Countryside Terrain

everyone × Wedding Space

Interview with people about wedding space

A “Living Room” in Tiangang Zhixing Village, China by SYN Architects

Pragmatism and Innovation: Transforming Buildings and Changing Lives

Zhixing Market and Lecture Hall in Tiangang Zhixing Village, Hebei, China by SYN Architects

Gateway to the “New Farmers” district, revitalization of Tiangang Zhixing Village

Tiangang Art Center, Hebei, China by SYN Architects

Knowledge and Action – the key to rural revitalization

Tai’an’s Ceremony Hall: The Hometown Moon, China by SYN Architects

The Ultimate Nostalgia

Wuxi Pastoral Oriental Planning and Design of Phase II, China by SYN Architects

The growth of China’s first integral pastoral complex

Common Ground Pastoral Demonstration Area – Western Sichuan, China by SYN Architects

Prescription of “Urban Disease”

Mafengwo Travel Network – Global Headquarters (Phase II) Design, Beijing, China by SYN Architects

Travel has its own warmth and communities their own kind of freedom.

Mafengwo Global Headquarters (Phase I), Beijing by SYN Architects

Fusion of Order and Freedom