2022 ASLA RESIDENTIAL DESIGN AWARD OF HONOR: Crest Apartments, A Restorative Parallel for Supportive Housing / Tina Chee + SWA Group

An emotionally supportive landscape of retreat

2021 ASLA URBAN DESIGN AWARD OF EXCELLENCE: Repairing the Rift: Ricardo Lara Linear Park / SWA Group

Reconnecting the City of Lynwood across the freeway

2021 ASLA ANALYSIS AND PLANNING AWARD OF HONOR: A People’s Plan for Freedom Park / SWA Group

Unifying constituent desires around economic viability alongside ecological value


Encouraging landscape discussions in a more perceptual way

Chongqing Vanke 17 miles, China by SWA Group+Daoyuan landscape design

Starry Sky Legendary Romance

2016 ASLA HONOR AWARD Analysis & Planning: Bayou Greenways: Realizing the Vision by SWA Group

“This was transformational and brought nature back to the city. Simple and clear of vision.”

2016 ASLA ANALYSIS & PLANNING HONOR AWARDS: Baton Rouge Lakes by SWA Group and CARBO Landscape Architecture

Restoring a Louisiana Landmark from Ecological Collapse to Cultural Sanctuary.

2016 ASLA GENERAL DESIGN AWARDS: Eco-Corridor Resurrects Former Brownfield by SWA

”There are so many opportunities to enter and enjoy it. They succeed admirably in making this site feel natural. “

Fuzhou Vanke City by SWA Group

Surrounded by water

2013 ASLA Planning and Design Honor Award – Museum of Freeway Art

Redefine the city highway as a new public space