Chongqing Vanke 17 miles, China by SWA Group+Daoyuan landscape design

Starry Sky Legendary Romance

Project Specs


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Vanke 17 Miles was the masterpiece Vanke forged with great efforts in Shenzhen over a decade ago. Featuring the theme of “The distance I can keep away from the secular world”, the project has struck a chord in numerous supporters and carried on the feelings and spirit inside a whole generation of Vanke employees. In 2018, Chongqing Vanke will renew the legend along the Caijia Jialing River bank, as a homage to the previous masterpiece.

▼星空幕布,curtain of starry sky


Chongqing Vanke 17 Miles is a brand-new bold attempt at ingenuity and innovation, a definite dark horse among construction projects. Western style houses with very wide faces, scientifically designed and comfortable functional arrangements and excellent lighting systems make the overarching and imposing building connect and mingle with the external natural resources. Streamline exterior façade contours are simple and tasteful, demonstrating a modern, simplified and internationalized construction style. The highlight of the 17 Miles project is the establishment of a professional observatory at the sales office, the commanding elevation of the construction project. The starry sky is within reach and the vast sky and countless twinkling stars are here for you to explore. The 17 Miles project is sequenced according to the arrangement of the cosmos and themed the starry sky. The opening and closing of the building space are rich in dramatic properties. You will pass by the starry sky curtain, the space-time tunnel, meandering through time, the milky way vortex, embarking on a journey of the resplendent starry sky.

▼空间分析图,site analysis


The Starry Sky Curtain


The conditions at the main entrance of the 17 Miles demonstration area are not ideal since the roads are still under construction. However, the hill slope formed by the construction of the road has become a “stunning” background for the main entrance. We believe the 150-meter long horizontal space between the municipal road and the entrance should be designed more from the urban perspective to display its nature and indescribable beauty. Here we have created the curtain of the Milky Way, a silvery ring belt surrounding the tranquil sky. When the night falls, the brilliance and dreamy romance will be on stage here.

▼星空幕布,引人进入项目,starry sky curtain, attracting people into the project

星空幕布竖向和横向的尺度都超出一般人的尺度认知,整体色彩以白色为基调,因此我们希望面层的肌理应该有更多层次的变化。在进退关系上做了一些比较有意思的变化,横向大界面则是一道潇洒的白色银河系星光,延展开来,由三种大小不一样、密度不一、排序不一的穿孔钢板处理方式组合而成,形成一幅美妙的繁星闪耀的星空幕布。经典的17MILES  LOGO落于地面之上,简单大方,强化城市界面的空间渗透和入口的聚焦感扑面而来。

The vertical and horizontal sizes of the starry curtain are beyond the ordinary people’s imagination. White is used as the tone of the overall color. Therefore, we hope that the texture of the surface layer should demonstrate multi-level changes and variations. Some interesting changes have been made in the relationship between the concave and convex. The horizontal interface is a brush of soul-stirring white Galaxy star light, which extends into a wonderful curtain composed of starry starts shining brightly in the velvet sky. The whole curtain is composed of three different perforated steel plates of different sizes, densities and orders. The classic logo of the 17 Miles is situated firmly on the ground, simple but imposing. It intensified the penetration of the urban interface and the sense of focus of the entrance.

▼简单的logo强调项目入口,simple logo accents the entrance of the project


Space-Time Tunnel – a portal to travel through time


The space-time tunnel at the entrance of the starry sky curtain looks like a cosmic black hole. At the end of the tunnel, the bright lights illuminate the exit. With the drifting fog, glimmering bamboo forest, the twinkling stars, and the sounds from far and near, it looks and sounds like a forest rhapsody, full of mystery. Black mirror steel and light interact with each other, making you feel as though traveling through time and space. The terminal of the space-time tunnel awaits your exploration.

▼隧道入口,entrance of the tunnel

▼隧道内部,inside the tunnel


Dreamy Meandering Through Time


Traveling through the space-time tunnel while accompanied by insects and birds chirping, you can meander through the 500-meterlong bamboo path delightedly. With over 100 thousand strains of moso bamboo of 9 meters tall and the fog rising from the ground, the bamboo path is grand and magnificent, covered in mystery. Two beams of light guide you way forward, with stars scattered in the bamboo forest indistinctly. Moso bamboos erect like soldiers in order, neatly and towering. When the dark green color dissipates into the air of the bamboo path, look up at the starry sky, you will feel as though meandering in time tunnel, like in a sweat dream.

▼隧道尽头为竹林夹道,bamboo path at the end of the tunnel

▼道路两侧种满楠竹,气势磅礴,the two sides of the road is filled by bamboos, creating a powerful impression


Milky Way Vortex in the 2-dimentional world


Through the bamboo lane, you’ll reach the roof terrace of the 17 Miles Sales Office, a place nearest to the stars. We all agree that we need to build a space to connect the time and the universe. Or we can imagine that we are capable of traveling through time on top of the 17 Miles roof. We can see the milky way vortex, the black holes of the universe, and also the patch of light.

▼屋顶露台,roof terrace


The Milky Way Vortex waterscape stands in the center of the roof, forming a huge water whirlpool through the built-in reflux device. The center and boundary are illuminated to form a strong halo in the starry sky.

▼水景旋涡,vortex waterscape



The roof garden is carved up in a modernized streamline style, aiming to freeing up more space. The traditional terrazzo process is adopted in the pavement combined with modern aluminum ring and the new technology. The plain traditional hardscape design collides with the modern technology, giving the terrazzo new vitality. The advanced technology can display fully the filaments of the starry sky, meanwhile the application of the traditional material can arouse the memories and life episodes buried deep inside.

Vanke 17 Miles has made some innovative attempts in visual art, constitution art and interactive devices, inherited the innovation gene of previous 17 Miles products. It simplified the original complicated spatial system in a more direct way, making the space constantly transformed and presented in front of the visitors. Customers can feel the uniqueness and charm of 17 Miles, a dreamy, modern legend about the starry sky.

▼铺地采用传统水磨石结合现代铝圈,让人找到更多记忆,traditional terrazzo with modern aluminum circles are used for the paving, arousing memories of the past

方案设计:SWA Group

Project Name: Chongqing Vanke 17 miles
Design: SWA Group
Design Development&Construction Drawing: Daoyuan landscape design
Waterscape Consultant: Sushui Design

Design & Completion Year: 2018
Project Location: near the Colourful Riverside park of Beibei Liangjiang New Area
Photo credits: Holi landscape photography
Clients: Chongqing Vanke Real Estate

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