Junshan Cultural Center, China by Neri&Hu Design and Research Office

An iconic clubhouse and sales center in the midst of the undulating mountain ranges and meandering rivers

The Inserted Courtyard – Alila Bangsar by Neri&Hu Design and Research Office

A rigid structural grid defines the project from outside to inside

Aranya Art Center, China by Neri & Hu

Pushing the boundaries of how architectural space deals with sensorial experiences in unexpected ways

Valextra’s Flagshop in Chengdu, China by Neri & Hu

A boutique store with the theme of “Library”.

The Walled – Tsingpu Yangzhou Retreat by Neri&Hu

Encapsulating landscape into architecture, and creating an overlap between interior and exterior (photograph updated).

BEI Space By Neri&Hu

New landing of “BEI Space” in Opposite House.

Suzhou Chapel, Suzhou, China / Neri&Hu

A soft glow under the white veil.

New Shanghai Theatre, China by Neri&Hu

A building full of theatricality with contrast between stone and bronze.

The Garage – B+ Automobile Service Center in Beijing, China by Neri&Hu

Partly raw and partly refined, a place where people could feel the charm of cars while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Curio Stair of Encounters – Bloomberg Hong Kong Office, China by Neri&Hu

Neri&Hu creats a spacious journey in a mundane office building.