No.78 Bancang Street, Nanjing, China by DUTS Design

”Organic Renewal” of 110,000 college Campuses

Techstorm Headquarter Industrial Park, China by DUTS Design

A complex headquarters office park with a “museum experience”

“PARK by Balabala ”, China by DUTS Design

Traditional Lingnan historical buildings are integrated with modern life

Library of Zijin Campus, Nanjing Normal University, China by DUTS Design

Injecting multiple formats: the opening and rebirth of “Library”

Chengdu Jinniu District Library, China by DUTStudio

DUTS Design cantilever structure free from site constraints

Balabala House on Tianjin Binjiang Road, China by DUTS Design

Light up the urban community with the renewed

Space Renovation Design for English Giraffe in Qiantan, Shanghai, China by DUTStudio

Flowing Chapter

Renovation Design on the top floor of previous World Expo Joint Pavilion No.3, China by DUTStudio

Creating an “anti-gravity” area to put commercial space & exhibition into office

Flourishing “Peony” – Linxia Olympic Sports Center Stadium, China by DUTStudio

One of the landmark cultural facilities in Linxia.

”Dome of the Flower” – Linxia National Grand Theater by DUTStudio

Leave a contemporary architecture with strong characteristics to the local people.