BOSCH Szh215 Parking House Design (Phase I) by ARTS Group Co., Ltd.

Functional rationality and technical aesthetics of prefabricated buildings

City under City Museum by ARTS Group Co.,Ltd

Linking the temporal and spatial nodes of ancient and modern cities

Design of Bus Stations in Zhangjiagang High Speed Railway New Town by ARTS Group

Interesting Waiting

TRUMPF (China) Co., Ltd Taicang Extension Project by ARTS Group

The Lightness of Industrial Architecture

Xi Xian New Area International Cultural and Creative Town, China by ARTS Group

Telling Stories in Place

Reconstruction of Jiangnan Academy: No. 4 Middle School in Suzhou New& Hi-Tech District by ARTS Group Co.,Ltd

Modern translation of traditional courtyard

Suzhou Second Worker’s Cultural Palace by ARTS Group Co., Ltd.

Carry the collective memory of several generations

Sports Venues in Jinchang New City, China by ARTS Group Co.,Ltd

Using the aesthetic sense of materials to express the cultural characteristics of architecture

Cultural and Sports Center in Xu Shu Guan, China by ARTS Group Co.,Ltd

A Cultural and Sports Center born in regional culture and community emotion

Kenneth Wang School of Law of Soochow University by Continual Architecture

Humanistic architecture in a century-old campus