Coffee and reading space renovation in an office warehouse, Shanghai by HCCH Studio


Project Specs


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▼视频,video ©合尘建筑


The project is composed of four plastic prism, located in an office warehouse of high-tech campus in Shanghai. The renovation aims to turn the existing atrium into a reading space for staff and also accommodating public education tour for primary school students.

▼项目概览,preview ©朱清言


The existing atrium lack vertical circulation. Rooms around the atrium are separated on two different levels. The proposal tries to create a series of iconic micro space, which leads to the upper floor while connecting levels around the atrium.

▼富有形态特征的微场所,a series of iconic micro space ©朱清言


▼伞状柱体平台轴测图,axon drawing ©合尘建筑

We inserted four plastic prisms. Each is cantilevered from a single column like an umbrella. The loads are detached from existing building both visually and structurally. The steps over the gaps help to connect platform to platform and platform to surrounding levels. The ups and downs of the platform creates a playful promenade experience and intimate space for reading.

▼四个伞状的柱体平台,four plastic prisms ©朱清言

▼伞下空间,space under the prisms ©朱清言


Polycarbonate panels are stacked horizontally with edges exposed. The panels are offset on their edge one to another, which helps to avoid aligning material while generates a visual effect recalling masonry. The plastic masonry are lit from within, amplifying its shiny and floating materiality and futuristic atmosphere.

▼阳关板形成类似砌体叠涩的体量 ©朱清言
the polycarbonate generates a visual effect recalling masonry

▼与堆叠伞柱呼应的楼梯 ©朱清言
stairs echoing with stacked prisms

▼楼梯内部,inside view ©朱清言

▼高低错落的平台,staggered platform ©朱清言


The light panels over the atrium evenly illuminate the prisms like an installation, contrasting the black surrounding space. Polycarbonate bookshelves are scattered in black peripheral area, defining the space with self-illumination.

▼从平台望向中庭,view to the atrium from the platform ©朱清言

▼阳光板书架,polycarbonate bookshelves ©合尘建筑

▼材质细部,details ©朱清言


This is not a typical cozy reading space. It relects the curiosity and exploring spirit of a pioneering enterprise.

▼平面图1,plan 1 ©合尘建筑

▼平面图2,plan 2 ©合尘建筑

▼剖面图AA,section AA ©合尘建筑

▼剖面图BB,section BB ©合尘建筑


Location: Minhang District, Shanghai
Program: Coffee seating area, reading space for staff and children
Area: approx..300 sqm
Period: 2021.3-2021.6
Architect: HCCH Studio
Partner in charge: Chenchen Hu, Hao Chen
Design team: Yi Gao, Yazhou Ding, Qi Deng
Photograph: Qingyan Zhu

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