CoCo Shiquan Street Shop, China by OYTT Design

Trace back to the source and respond to the call of nature

Project Specs


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Cities with skyscraper are no lack of steel frame, cement, horizontal and vertical grids. However, getting to the root of the matter, we know that the instinct of our ancestors to build nests is to seek shelter from wind and rain. Therefore, the natural purity can touch the softness of people’s heart more than the refinement of artificial polishing.

▼视频,the video © 欧阳跳建筑设计


CoCo’s new store is located in Suzhou Shiquan Street, where ancient history is engraved everywhere. It still retains the traditional geographical pattern and the sentiment of water town, showing extremely rich cultural deposits. In this design, the designer integrates the field form into the future life space to reflect the historical ancient street on the one hand, and promote the symbiosis and co-prosperity of modern aesthetics and the overall order on the other. Meanwhile, the design also tries to achieve resonance in the collision of spiritual field.

▼店铺外观,exterior view © 鲁哈哈


As for the whole project, from the return to original thinking and exploring future lifestyle, the designer tries to find  the origin of life, and connect the top surface, elevation and ground through the curve structure. The rendering of art continuously penetrated into the whole building not only from the appearance of form, but from more details of connotation. Building a healing and immersive experience of scene, analyzing the relationship between environment and future architecture also lead the brand to a creative and sustainable way.

▼一层空间概览,overview of the first floor © 鲁哈哈

▼窗边细部,the matrix of modeling lamp based on cell particles © 鲁哈哈


As a renovation project, on the exterior design, the designer takes history as the soul, tries to retain the details and charm of the original building as much as possible, and uses modern art techniques to maintain, awaken and revive the context, etiquette and music inherited from the city over a hundred years. This is not only an exploration of the ancient civilization, but also a prospect for future life.

▼一层轴测图,axonometric of the first floor © 欧阳跳建筑设计


The design of the space is like a grand and beautiful narrative. When you push the door and come in, you’ll find that the interior is divided by irregular blocks. The fluidity and sense of order of lines enrich the spatial hierarchy, presenting a strong beauty of rhythm visually. The food court area and seating area echo with each other. While maintaining a harmonious integration of the two functional areas, the choice and layout of materials, colors and moving lines add clear and independent attributes into each.

▼从入口望向楼梯和出品区,view of the food court and stairs © 鲁哈哈


The wall in food court is simple and unadorned. The intervention of light and shadow broke the boring tone. Under the indirect light shading, the texture looks delicate and exquisite with the reflection of stainless steel, endowing visitors a feeling like recover their original simplicity.

▼出品区,food court © 鲁哈哈

▼立体触感的肌理,the delicate texture © 鲁哈哈

▼从出品区看用餐区,view of the seating area from the food court © 鲁哈哈


There is no high partition in the seating area. The simple outline of the wavy wall body creates a relaxing atmosphere. The gentle winding curve provides customers with a chance to enjoy quiet time.

▼座位区不设高隔,no high partition in the seating area © 鲁哈哈

▼座位区细部,details of the seating area © 鲁哈哈


The matrix of modeling lamp based on cell particles is orderly distributed on the wall, presenting an extremely simple aesthetic feeling between virtuality and reality. Warm orange lights similar to the brand color pave a warm and healing space base to create a continuous and dynamic space experience for customers.

▼造型灯矩阵,the matrix of modeling lamp based on cell particles © 鲁哈哈


Climbing up the spiral staircase, we notice that the designer closes to nature by designing irregular shaped caves, connecting beams and curved walls, forming a changing scene with every step, and adding some metaphors about the future sense to the space.

▼旋转楼梯通向二层,spiral staircase leading to the second floor © 鲁哈哈

▼旋转楼梯内部视角,view on the spiral staircase © 鲁哈哈

▼仰视楼梯,looking up at the spiral staircase © 鲁哈哈


▼二层轴测图,axonometric of the second floor © 欧阳跳建筑设计

The embedded window on the wall is like a prelude to the space. The mottled texture of the internal texture paint is full of the original beauty of the natural carving of a layer of space, and constitutes the spatial tension for customers.

▼二层空间概览,overview of the second floor © 鲁哈哈

the embedded window on the walls as a prelude to the space © 鲁哈哈

▼二层空间核心用餐区,main seating area on the second floor © 鲁哈哈

▼视线穿过内嵌窗口,view through the embedded window © 鲁哈哈


Why are more people feeling lonely in their spiritual world? Advanced social products help us to perceive the world quickly and efficiently on the one hand, and pull people farther apart on the other. Based on the concept of returning to the origin of life, in this project, the designer builds a rhythmic and soft space with the images of cells and caves, creating a way for seeking inner freedom in the balance between ancient civilization and modern aesthetics.

▼看向体验区,view of the experience area © 鲁哈哈

▼靠窗座位,seating by the window © 鲁哈哈

▼细部,details © 鲁哈哈


The secular definition of success doesn’t represent the criterion for everyone’s survival. Human beings should try to be themselves, pursue the real needs of their heart, do not cater to or blindly follow anything, but live out their own style. Yes, this also represents the consistent initial intention of design, and the confidence for the brand’s vigorous development.

▼夜景,night view © 鲁哈哈

▼首层平面,the first floor plan © 欧阳跳建筑设计

▼二层平面,the second floor plan © 欧阳跳建筑设计

▼外观立面,elevation © 欧阳跳建筑设计

▼剖面图,sections © 欧阳跳建筑设计


Project Name: CoCo Shiquan Street Shop
Location: Suzhou, China
Design Company: OYTT Design
Chief Designer: Tiao Ouyang
Design Team: Yun Yao,Danfeng Zhou,Xiaobei Ma
Area:170 square meters
Start Time : January,2021
Completion Time: September , 2021
Main Materials: art paint, custom brick, art pouring board, stainless steel, fireproof board
Manufacture:Shanghai Hooyi Displays&Fixtures Industries Co., Ltd
Light:Miwei Lighting
Material brand:MUY Ceramic
Photographer:Lu Haha

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