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Skypark is a large residential development by Hong Kong based New World Development, led by Mr Adrian Cheng. Within one of the densest areas of Hong Kong the tower is suited to people that enjoy life in a lively and vibrant neighborhood. However, Skypark also provides an escape from the city with its communal clubhouse and outside park on the very top of the building. Concrete has designed the architecture and interior of all residential public areas from the street entrance to the transfer concierge floor and top floor clubhouse. Inspired by the crowded and narrow streets of Mongkok, where space is limited and people bump into each other, concrete created a place for residents to escape the chaos and for people to truly connect.Almost literally, by “breaking down the walls” of a generic clubhouse, an open and transformable public space was made. This created an opportunity to redesign the essence of a residents-clubhouse within this dense and cosmopolitan city. 

▼项目位于香港旺角的繁华地带,the project locates in one of the densest area of HongKong ©concrete

▼大厦屋顶为开放的花园,the public open space on the top of the building ©concrete

▼屋顶花园,garden ©concrete


By working closely with P&T architects and landscape architects ALN, Concrete was able to make an integrated design that captures the “in-between spaces” and creates an architecture where interior and landscape designs merge. The clubhouse consists of different function areas. Kitchen, library and bar sit together with a gym, swimming pool and art gallery.A large outside staircase connects the clubhouse floor with the landscaped park on top of the building complete with picnic and bbq areas. The staircase, where the gardens drop down and the living rooms climb up, becomes an outdoor cinema on Friday nights, or a place to enjoy the stars in the sky and secretly kiss your girlfriend… 

▼入口及接待平面,the entrance and transfer floor ©concrete


▼餐厅,dining space ©concrete

▼阅览室,library ©concrete

▼酒吧,bar ©concrete

▼游泳池,swimming pool ©concrete

▼户外烧烤,BBQ ©concrete

▼户外台阶连通顶层花园,the grand staircase connects to the garden on the top ©concrete


The open floorplan is made by four squared volumes that house all the necessities like staircases, elevators, structure, MEP, restrooms, storage and bar and kitchen equipment. These blocks are cladded with travertine and protrude the ceiling into the landscaped roof. By positioning them diagonally the in-between space gives place to the different areas and function rooms. These spaces are kept transparent and open, with a few glass partitions and sliding doors. This results in surprising spaces, where one can find the best views in every corner with the spectacular view towards the city as your background. 

▼繁华都市里的娱乐天地,clubhouse on the top ©concrete

▼底层平面,ground floor plan ©concrete

▼三层平面,the third floor plan ©concrete

▼俱乐部平面,clubhouse plan ©concrete

project: Clubhouse Mongkok Skypark Hong Kong
client: New World Development HK
office address: oudezijds achterburgwal 78a – 1012 dr
city: amsterdam, the netherlands (NL)
project location: Mongkok
address: 17 Nelson street
city: Hong kong 
Start design: march 2014
Opening: 14th April 2017
design firms:
project team concrete: Rob Wagemans – Maarten de Geus
Tom Ruijken – Sofie Ruytenberg – Julia Hundermark Wouter Slot – Yoekie de Bree
executive architect: P&T architects & engineers Ltd. 
executive landscape architect: Adrian L. Norman Ltd.
structural engineer:CM Wong & Associates Ltd. 
MEP engineer:WSP Hong Kong Ltd. 
Lighting consultant: Pro-lit Ltd.
General Contractor: New World Construction Co. Ltd.
Electrical contractor: Junefair Engineering Co. Ltd.
Mechanical contractor: Kai Chuen Engineering (H.K.) Co. Ltd.
landscape / planting contractor: Asia Landscaping Ltd. (all softscape except vertical green), Midori Creation International Ltd. (All vertical green)
Shopfitter public and com. spaces: Chun Fung Construction Ltd. (Commercial Common Area), Ngai To Construction Ltd. (Residential Common Area)
delivery loose furniture: New World Construction Co. Ltd. and K11 Design Store Ltd.
project facts:
total storeys: 26
appartments per floor: 22 (except: 21 apts. on 27th floor)
total appartments: 439
entrance floor area: 44 sqm
transfer floor area: 311 sqm
typical floor corridor area: 64 sqm
clubhouse floor area: 916 sqm
skypark floor area: 687 sqm
transfer floor artworks: “a painting of thought – 52” by Zhao Yao“a painting of thought – 305” by Zhao Yao
clubhouse artworks: various artworks at gallery by Lumas collections

More: concrete  更多关于他们:concrete on gooood.


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  1. 想知道屋顶荷载是多少,那种乔木覆土至少也得800-1000吧,这图层厚土得多厚,而且外部还是平的

  2. 请问对公众开放吗 可以上去参观吗

  3. 沙发材质,还有摆放,感觉可以朝着夜景摆放,个人感觉哈

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  6. 所以那些沙发在下雨时是要搬回去的?

  7. 楼上种这种树的话土层肯定要很厚吧····

  8. 想知道这种屋顶植树的构造是怎样的。

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