Circulation – MOBIUS Art Space, China by Mountain Soil Interior Design

Cycle: The movement or change of something from week to week

Project Specs


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场地&环境 | Site&Environment


This building is located in the creative park of Kongjia in Baima Lake, Binjiang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. The overall building is 10 meters long and 11.3 meters wide, divided into four floors. The structure of the house is a mixture of concrete and red bricks.

▼项目外观,external view of the project © 稳摄影


设计调和 | Design Blend


“Loop” is an updated version of MOBIUS photography base. The overall style of this project still follows the predecessor of “Loop”, while maintaining its spatial characteristics and giving changes to the form.

▼入口,entrance © 稳摄影


In the early stage of design, we planned the overall movement line according to the spatial structure and characteristics of the site. For safety reasons, we reinforced and retained most of the red brick masonry structure. On the first floor, the lighting was limited by the surrounding buildings, so we added a lot of surface lighting to improve the sense of light in the interior. On the second floor, the designer uses the wall as the material plane to create a three-dimensional relationship, and uses different geometries to express the forms of the three windows, adding a sense of spatial dynamics. The second and third floor balconies have the original structure of interchangeable glass, so we changed their original window forms. To create a sense of movement up and down the space. The fourth floor has a low floor height, so we integrated the characteristics of the space and created a Japanese tatami set in this space.

▼入口大厅,保留红砖砌体结构,entrance lobby, retaining the red brick masonry structure © 稳摄影

▼混凝土和红砖的混合,combination of concrete and red brick © 稳摄影

▼楼梯,staircase © 稳摄影

▼俯瞰餐厅区,overview to dining area © 稳摄影

▼望向卡座区,view to booth area © 稳摄影

▼壁炉区域与书房的窗户形式一致 © 稳摄影
windows of fireplace area and study area are united

▼不同的休闲区,different leisure areas © 稳摄影

▼卫生间位于楼梯平台旁,the toilet is next to the landing © 稳摄影


空间构成 | Space Composition


In the overall space, the designer visualizes through simple geometric shapes and gives them a self-sustaining expression, dividing them with different materials and forming a contrast between shapes to deepen the viewer’s emotion.

▼细部,details © 稳摄影

▼一层平面,ground floor plan © 山地土壤室内设计

▼二层平面,first floor plan © 山地土壤室内设计

▼三层平面,second floor plan © 山地土壤室内设计

▼四层平面,third floor plan © 山地土壤室内设计

项目设计 & 完成年份:2020年6月-2020年12月

Project name : Circulation-MOBIUS Art Space
Design : Mountain Soil Interior Design
Contact e-mail :
Design year & Completion Year : Jun. 2020 & Dec. 2020
Leader designer & Team : Tiantian Dong
Project location :Binjiang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province
Gross Built Area : 480m²
Photo credits : Wen Studio

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