House LO, Czech Republic by Ateliér Lina Bellovičová

hempcrete house in the forest

Project Specs


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Ondřej loves nature and forests. Before having children he led a life of a modern nomad. He owned a site in the middle of the woods and always dreamt about building a cabin there. During winter he used to live in the city and in spring he relocated to his parents’ cabin nearby the future building site of the house LO. He wanted his house to be connected to the surrounding nature, to be ecological, and to have his own photo chamber there, to spend his winter evenings developing his photos. 

▼项目概览,overview © BoysPlayNice


He also had a clear idea about the building material. As hempcrete has never been used as a building material in the Czech Republic, it was a great challenge for me as an architect. First struggles evolved in a valuable experience and fascination with its features and its history. Building with hempcrete is easy and allows the builder to build their house on their own. Material is petrifying for several years and draws carbon dioxide from the air around during this process. Hempcrete has great insulating features, is recyclable and also resistant to pests, fire and molds. 

▼北立面,the north facade © BoysPlayNice

▼从东北方向看房屋,view of the house from the northeast © BoysPlayNice

▼建筑入口,the entrance © BoysPlayNice


House LO is defined by three elements: two perforated stones and a thin wooden sheet. The void in between the stones is the living space of the house. It is separated from the surrounding nature by large sliding windows that allow the space to become part of the outdoors and frame picturesque views. The two stones contain entrance, two bedrooms and a bathroom. The house has a cellar with technical facilities, photo chamber, club room and storage. A large terrace runs around the house, being protected from bad weather by the roof overhang, so that the owner can spend as much time outside as possible.

▼从室外看开放厨房,view of the open kitchen from the outside © BoysPlayNice

▼不同视角的开放餐厅,different views of the open dining room © BoysPlayNice

▼从室内看向窗外,view of the outdoor landscape through the window © BoysPlayNice

▼开放厨房,the open kitchen © BoysPlayNice

▼浴室,the bathroom © BoysPlayNice


The roof is covered with a green carpet, so that the house merges with nature and is well insulated. The layout of the house is designed to use its space to the fullest. The house will gradually become part of the nature. First it will be a home to a family with two children, later become a family summer retreat and even later a comfortable home for an elderly couple.

▼主卧,the master bedroom © BoysPlayNice

▼次卧,the secondary bedroom © BoysPlayNice

▼材料细部,details © BoysPlayNice

▼地下室平面,the basement plan © Ateliér Lina Bellovičová

▼首层平面,the ground floor plan © Ateliér Lina Bellovičová

▼屋顶平面,the roof plan © Ateliér Lina Bellovičová

Studio: Ateliér Lina Bellovičová
Author: Lina Koníček Bellovičová
Contact: E-mail
Studio address: Trávník 2094, 68603 Staré Město, Czech Republic
Project location: Chřiby
Project country: Czech Republic
Project year: 2017
Completion year: 2018
Built-up Area: 195 m2
Gross Floor Area: 160 m2
Usable Floor Area: 160 m2
Plot size: 20000 m2
Client: Ondřej Koníček
Photographer: BoysPlayNice,,

timber – construction
concrete – cellar
anhydrid – floor
hempcrete – walls
stainless steel – kitchen
plywood – furniture

Products and Brands
extractor hood and cooktop — BORA\
coffee maker — Siemens\
anhydrid floor — Qualibau\
concrete bathtub — Betton\
windows CERO — Solarlux\

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