CIN CIN Café & Bistro, China by Studio Ku Kan Nai

Harmony between Old ‘Street Life’ and New ‘Modern Life’

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Cin Cin是意大利语干杯的意思,它的发音源自于中文的“请请”:捧杯时相互之间的问候与诚敬。三个主理人分别从三个国家留学归来,将各自的体验、经历碰撞、融合到咖啡馆的运营理念中,对设计提出了一个“城市客厅”的概念:一所集精品咖啡、小酒馆为一体的社交空间。

‘Cin Cin’ means ‘cheers’ in Italian. Its pronunciation comes from the Chinese word for “please, please”: greetings and sincere respect for each other when lifting cups. The three partners of CIN CIN returned from three different countries. They integrated their respective cultural experiences into the operation idea of this café and proposed a design concept of ‘urban living room’: a social space that integrates both boutique coffee and bistro.

the video introduction ©空间里


The shop is located on East Huaqiangzi Street, within the historical area of Jinan City. It is located in a market with strong traditional and local atmosphere, at the end of Furong Commercial Street, opposite the Old Confucian Temple, and surrounded by the winding streets of the traditional hutongs.

the cafe located in the old town ©钱盈

view of the shop through windows and doors ©钱盈


The house was built in the 1990s. We kept the original facade due to the protection regulation of the historical city facades. The interior space was designed in a simple way, with the concept of ‘harmony between the old and new’, to create a space that young people can resonate with.

the entrance ©钱盈


The bar area is the visual focal point: top surface of the arc wall is painted red with a rough texture. The bar itself is built with the walnut board and stainless steel, a hidden metaphor of the intensity of wine and the delicate and exquisite of coffee.

the bar area ©钱盈

the using scene ©钱盈

detail of the bar ©钱盈

内院的深灰色水泥地面延续了街道的感觉,白色的外墙搭配红色的门头,红色楼梯如一座天桥连接至二楼。红色作为Cin Cin品牌的VI视觉主色,在这里既强调了空间的主动线,也体现了空间的视觉趣味性。室内空间是略显粗旷的工业建筑的调性:使用大面积中灰色系微水泥漆和水泥地面作为主基调,无框玻璃窗户使室内和内院的空间连成一片,台阶形式的卡座和空间一体化,摆放上红色系的坐垫、椅子和桌几,形成轻松随性的客座区。

The dark grey concrete floor of the inner courtyard continues the feeling of the street. The white exterior wall is paired with the red door tip, and the red staircase connects to the second floor like a bridge. As the main visual color of CIN CIN, red not only emphasizes the main circulation, but also reflects the visual enjoyment of the space. Interior space has a slightly rough industrial building style: using a large area of grey micro cement paint and cement floor as the main tone; frameless glass windows to unite the indoor and courtyard; and red cushions, chairs and tables to form a casual and relaxing guest sitting area with a stepped form to integrate with the space.

guest sitting area ©钱盈

dining space under the sloping roof ©钱盈

view of the courtyard from the interior space ©钱盈


The terrace on the second floor is a one-person height pavilion, where the tiles of neighbors’ bungalow seem to be reachable. Standing here, one can see the continuous tiled roofs and scattered ancient trees of the old city and directly feel co-existence of the new and old, modern and traditional.

night view of the courtyard ©钱盈

stairs leading to the terrace on the second floor ©钱盈

view from the terrace on the second floor ©钱盈


Blend a new soul into an old building, find peace and quiet in hustle and bustle, seeking a harmony between the modern and traditional. ‘Welcome, Welcome’

detail ©钱盈

the general plan ©空间里

the first floor plan ©空间里

the second floor plan ©空间里


Project Name: CIN CIN Café & Bistro
Type: Interior Design
Location: No.15, East Huangqiangzi Street, Jinan
Design Principal: Wang Shaorong
Project Leader/ Project Architect: Zhu Jialei, He Xiaoyu
Client: Jinan Jing Jing Food and Beverage Management Co., Ltd.
Status: Built
Design Stage: 2020.July-August
Construction Stage: 2020.August-November
Building Area: 119spm
Main Material: Elastic Rough Paint, Micro Cement, Stainless Steel, Arcylic Board
Photography: Qian Ying

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