ChongQing HOTPOT Flagship Store, China by WUSUN SPACE

One half is sea water, the other half is flame

Project Specs


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The aesthetics of life is a kind of respect. The aesthetics of life is a respect for the vortex that has continued in the past. It is totally free for creativity but there should be a rule to trace in design. we defined “harmony” as the most important concept in design. The space is intended to be the source growing up locally with the unique natural and cultural profound power of the land. It is also connected equally with the wisdom and philosophy of the most distinguished sages. Uses saline as a conceptual element, and “harmony” becomes the core concept.

▼店铺外观,exterior view




The head is a sparkling lake. The vast food world on the lake is blended with all kinds of diners. The troubles of the three thousand wires disappear with the hot pot steam. Art is an external language and function is an intrinsic property. This kind of warm and deep collision, and then burst out of the rational tough and emotional fashion, the red hotter is more relaxed. In term of core idea of harmony, the style of design is running everywhere. The cultural emotions flowing in the whole space are connected in series. The form is a metaphor, and the ultimate will is to let the territorial culture grow out of the design.

▼空间布局动图,space illustration gif

▼餐厅室内,interior area

▼举头是波光粼粼的湖面,湖面上的大千食界与形形色色的食客融为一体,the head is a sparkling lake and the vast food world on the lake is blended with all kinds of diners

▼用餐空间,dining area


Red is the impact of the first visual gradient, the natural collision with the light and shadow water waves, to jump off the square orderly pattern, release the boiling heat, is the spiritual fit of the red and hot. One is sea water, on the other hand is flame. Harmony is a rule. It is the individual freedom, the individual integration into the group, and the balance between rationality and emotion.

▼一半是海水,一半是火焰,one is sea water, on the other hand is flame



Creating a “harmony” on top of nature, the rough sense of absurdity is born in the original vitality, the vitality of architecture and space conveyed to human beings, and the most profound reference for the exquisite design of the day after tomorrow. With a sense of difference in time and space and a sense of misplacement, a new experience that contrasts impact and meaning is created. It is perfect to see nice light where there is a need. Visitors enjoy the harmonic view of a space with brightness contrast, color contrast and the movement between real sense and light shadow. It is the most delicate and authentic response to life for a meal is full of enthusiasm with the best time and light.

▼粗粝的荒芜感,the rough sense of absurdity




Project Name: ChongQing HOTPOT Flagship Store
Project address: QuanGang Fujian
Design master: Zhang Jianwu
Design team: WUSUN SPACE
Soft loading team: WUSOO SOFT
Design time: 2019.06.01
Opening time: 2019.10.01
Project area: 510㎡
Company website:
Company email:
Main materials: Xinzhongyuan 1MQ8830 ceramic tile; Xinzhongyuan PXHP126021 ceramic tile; DK floor paint, nano cement, stainless steel water corrugated board, aluminum single perforated boar
Lighting designer: Sam Lai
Space Photography: Xu Yiwen

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