Choice Tea, China by OYTT DESIGN

Sit and drink fragrant tea with the love to the mountain

Project Specs


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In the space design of this case, the typical oriental traditional culture gave birth to new inspiration in the contemporary minimalist aesthetic context. The designer subverted the conventions and turned the drink rest area into a tea field. When customers enter and sit down here to enjoy drinks, they can smell the tea fragrance, and see the crowds in the distance. The gentle light makes people forget the passage of time. In the noisy corner far away from the city, they can feel the quiet and leisure of floating life for half a day. The design of the door head is red and white, and the theme is clear. The traditional facade is replaced by the glass material, which is more transparent in vision and full of layers. It creates a sense of privacy and expands the space, so that people can see the style of the shop at a glance and intuitively feel the inner quality and atmosphere of Choice Tea.

▼门头的设计红白相称主题明确,the design of the door head is red and white and the theme is clear


Entering the shop, the fresh breath blows on your face. The smooth terrazzo countertop in the ordering area retains the original natural feeling of the material, lays the elegant and quiet spatial tone, while weakening the rendering of the background. The red bench injects random uncertainty into the physical space dominated by squares in an infinite form. The ingenious intervention and application of metal elements make the space more flexible and interesting, bright colors lively and eye-catching, and create visual focus. The design of the operation room is neat and orderly. The gray wall bricks combined with the white of latex paint give people an intuitive feeling of “minimalism and indifference”, abandon decorationism and have strong practicability.

▼由店内看向街道,view from indoor to the street

▼操作间墙砖的灰结合乳胶漆的白,给人以“极简、冷淡”的直观感受,the gray wall bricks combined with the white of latex paint give people an intuitive feeling of “minimalism and indifference”


The layout of the rest area in the shop is unique. There are no regular tables, chairs and benches. The designer expresses the tea field abstractly by means of installation, and outlines the outline of the space with the thinking of geometric aesthetics. Layers of ladders and continuous tea hills reflect each other, a round of red sun overhead, to reveal to people the mood of “sit and drink fragrant tea to love this mountain”, while interacting with the connotation of the brand. The main part of the wall is covered by common latex paint. In a highly unified treatment, the traditional and rough attributes of the material itself are transformed and superimposed to enhance the quality and purity of the space. Gray cement brick is used to pave the ground, which complements the modern simple spatial tone and forms a strong sense of high-level. It not only highlights the long history and mellow calm of tea, but also lets consumers unconsciously complete a “spiritual purification journey” in the city.

▼层层阶梯与连绵茶山交相辉映,一轮红日当空,普照飒飒茶田,layers of ladders and continuous tea hills reflect each other with a round of red sun overhead

▼“坐饮香茶爱此山”的意境,sit and drink fragrant tea to love this mountain


▼平面图,floor plan


Project Name: Choice Tea
Project Location: Ningbo, China
Space Design Company: OYTT Design
Chief Designer: Tiao Ouyang
Assistant Designer: Yun Yao, Jin Chen, Danfeng Zhou, Yang Li
Photographer: Yiwen Xu
Area: 30 square meters
Design Cycle: April 2019 to May 2019
Cost: RMB3000 per square meters
Main Materials: latex paint, texture paint, fireproof board, stainless steel
Design Style: Fashion and Simplicity
Space Use: Leisure and Entertainment

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