Chimney Café, Shanghai, China by GOA

just as drinking a cup of good coffee

Project Specs


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Appreciation towards GOA for providing the following description:

从设计到建成, 仅短短2个月时间,不到60平米的大烟囱咖啡厅在上海油雕院美术馆的庭院中以轻盈的姿态迎接宾客。 金珠路人行道上的路人也可以通过半透的钢网斜墙隐约地看见咖啡馆以及竹院空间。

From design to completion, it took only a short period of two months for this less than 60 square meters’ Chimney Café, which open up in a light gesture in the courtyard of SPSI Art Museum. Passers-by from the sidewalk of Jinzhu Road could vaguely see the cafe and bamboo courtyard space through a semipermeable steel mesh wall.

_DSC1060 Chimney Cafe by GOA     _DSC1069 Chimney Cafe by GOA


虽然庭院本身的空间非常狭窄, 最宽处也只有5米. 却仍然营造出了丰富有趣的空间序列。一道富于动感的弧墙引导着人们饶有趣味地通过长院来到咖啡厅入口,曲径通幽;而转身之后才发现弧墙的另一面就是享受咖啡的所在。缀以翠竹的天井,光线明亮而生动。两个天井顺应钢网斜墙的走势,互成微妙的角度,将人引入另一个相对私密的咖啡空间。

A secret door opens in Art Museum’s iconic stainless steel mesh wall, but it does not obtrusive. From the material, detail to lighting, the café’s design seeks to coordinate with the overall surface of this Museum.

Although the courtyard space itself is very narrow, only five meters at its widest point, it still creates a rich and interesting spatial sequence. A dynamic arc wall guide people to the entrance through an interesting winding path; and then to find the other side of the arc wall is where to enjoy coffee. The patios decorated with bamboo are bright and vivid. Two patios in subtle angles to each other conform to stencil wall’s trend, leading guests to another relatively private coffee space.

▽ Plan 平面图



Application of anodized aluminum expands the space sense of courtyard; the slightly blurred mirror effect gives people a hazy unreal visual experience, just as drinking a cup of good coffee.

_DSC1080 Chimney Cafe by GOA     _DSC1096 Chimney Cafe by GOA


The interior white walls create the most favorable conditions for small exhibitions and art salons. And lighting bands following the arc walls undoubtedly strengthened the sense of movement of the wall, so that the space is full of dynamic effect.

_DSC1131 Chimney Cafe by GOA

_DSC1166 Chimney Cafe by GOA


This small cafe effort to create a space of its own character and overcome all constraints at the same time: soft but no lack of tension, natural and full of fun.

_DSC1186 Chimney Cafe by GOA     _DSC1126 Chimney Cafe by GOA

_DSC1085 Chimney Cafe by GOA          <443A5C776F726B5C70726F6A6563745C3230313531303135D3CDB5F1D4BABFA

项目名称 Project : 大烟囱咖啡厅 Chimney Café
项目地点 Site: 金珠路100号,中国上海 100 Jin Zhu Road, Shanghai
项目规模 Size: 60 m2
设计/建成时间 Design/Completion: 2015.October / December
设计单位 Design Company: 大象设计GOA
设计团队Design Team: 王彦 王一博
Chimney (Shanghai) Culture Development Co., Ltd
Shanghai Puhong Construction Engineering Co., Ltd
建筑摄影:吕恒中 Lu Hengzhong

More: 大象设计/GOA,  更多关于他们: GOA on gooood

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