Chateau Mihope, China by Jin Design Studio

An isolated chateau at the foot of Helan Mountain

Project Specs


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贺兰山是宁夏与内蒙古阿拉善盟的分界线,从南至北绵延约200公里,北起巴彦敖包南至毛土敖包及青铜峡,山势雄伟,如群马奔腾。 酒庄位于贺兰山南段以东约5公里处,远看建筑以山为背景,孤独而又渺小。封闭厚实的外墙与山对峙,像是人工与自然的较量。

Helan Mountain is the dividing line between Ningxia and Alxa League of Inner Mongolia. It stretches for about 200 kilometers from the south to the north, from Bayan aobao in the north to Maotu aobao in the south and Qingtong gorge. The winery is located about 5 kilometers east of the southern section of helan mountain. The enclosed and thick outer wall confronts the mountain, like a contest between man and nature.

▼酒庄鸟瞰,aerial view to Chateau Mihope


望山 | Mountain View


The changeable climate makes different changes take place here all the time. When the sun rises, the mountains change from earth red to taupe, and when the sun goes down, the mountains change from taupe to light blue. This natural landscape is unique and unique.

▼贺兰山景,view to Helan Mountain


By transforming the facade openings of the wine tasting area on the second floor, a glass cantilever extends towards the Helan Mountain, connecting the interior with Helan Mountain and allowing guests to interact with nature.

▼玻璃挑台,glass cantilever

新的开口改变了人的行为,进来的人们自然的走向大玻璃下, 3乘3米高的超级取景框会把贺兰山重新聚焦,那一刻自然仿佛被重新定义。

The new opening changed people’s behavior, and people who came in naturally walked under the big glass, and the 3-by-3-meter high super viewfinder frame would refocus Helan Mountain, which seemed to redefine nature at that moment.

▼取景框将贺兰山重新聚焦,the viewfinder frames the landscape of Helan Mountain

▼窗景,the framed scenery


品酒 | Wine Tasting


Through the corridor, the landscape of Helan Mountain has been opened and the space is suddenly enlightened with the deepening of the pace. The wall at the entrance of the tasting area is spread out, covered with large red wine corks, with a rich taste of wine under the light.

▼红酒品鉴区,Wine Tasting Area

Over the table, the Italian hand-blown glass was as clear and bright as the grapes in the sun


The wine racks that opposite cork acts as an invisible boundary between spaces. On one side is the wild natural scene of northwest, on the other side is the leisurely life under the grape frame.

▼品酒区的一侧是软木塞墙(左边),a cork wall (left) was installed on one side of the wine tasting area

The marble wall at the end of the table has a texture of random changes, like the “fireworks”of Cai Guoqiang


The original interior has a European-designed look, with marble and metal materials appearing cold and losing the sense of place. What the designer needs to do is to reconnect the building with the land, and make partial transformation to accommodate the needs of different guests. Comply with nature, design is redundant affairs abandon, let space, life and nature appear together. When you sit by the window, the most real side of the world is in front of you. When you turn around, you can be immersed in the purest happiness.

▼品酒区概览,wine tasting area overview


The arched window that looks like actually has ulterior motives. To present a kind of classical order, deisgner draws the outline of the edge of the window intentionally make it the arc with different sizes inside and outside, in order to enlarge the visual effect of the window.

▼二楼品鉴休息区, Tasting lounge one the 2nd floor


Wine needs to be stored at the right temperature. Too much or too little can make it coarse and unrefined. Good design space also needs to be in just good a degree mediates the life, no matter how long, stand up to time burnish, and put more worth aftertaste and experience more. Due to the space limitation, also arrange meticulously on planar layout, while the function is reasonable, meet the need that fits person emotion fluctuation more. Hidden behind the marble is a more intimate lounge area.

▼休息区, lounge area


Wood color, warm white and wall coordinate each other, bespoke gauze shade downy intense light, let color and temperature stay in just position. Whether it is color selection or material transformation in cultural concept, designers try to create a state of returning to nature, keeping a quiet and low-key in shock, fearing mountains and nature.

▼定制的纱帘柔和了强烈的光线,the customized curtain softens the solid light


观酒 | Wine Viewing


Wine tasting starts with a “view”, just like understanding a city starts with a trip and then goes to see the life there. The red ochre wall at reception was specially customized from Shanghai, will be one layer of rice paper and rice milk covered up, and then red repeatedly smudges out of the wine in the cup of depth. The folds of the veins are also like the traces left by nature to the mountains, with the heart of awe of nature.



安睡 | Sleeping tight


When the mood is relieve, time will flow slowly, just like the ancient people walking in the corridor pavilion, from one end to the other, just like crossing the whole century, through the end of the corridor, the end of the Helan Mountain at the foot of the most beautiful rest place. Space coping tilts slightly downward, flank is worn through gauze shade slightly natural light, as the dim of the light, the mood of the person also turns from a kind of discovery ego the state that thinks ego.

▼通往客房的走廊,Corridor to guestrooms


There are 5 guestrooms at winery after renovation which providing comfortable sleeping environment for guests coming from afar, with no unnecessary decoration, simple and warm. On the basis of the original through two rooms, to make this almost pure white rooms appear. The sloping roof of the triangle is connected with the forest hut, and the black wall hanging stove conveys the warmth of life together. Without too much decorate, the soft hair of the grain of the texture of stone material, wood, fur, all details are in harmony in shallow ground color.

▼客房1,Guestroom 1


Exploration here is like driving in the Helan Mountain, occasionally found jumping on the cliff of the sheep, or the fresco left by the ancients, as long as careful observation, always can see surprises, as long as the heart experience, always can feel the fun of life. The five rooms have different views due to their different orientations. We hope that every guest can go out into the vineyard and experience the joy of the harvest when the farmers pick grapes in the busy season.

▼室内细部,interior detailed view


Comfortable resting area was set inside the room, woodiness feels character and comfortable spin material cooperate proper lamplight, coagulate time. Designers hope that guests can stay here chat, tea, really enjoy the quiet away from the downtown.

▼客房2,Guestroom 2


The furniture of each rooms are different in color and details, but invariable is a kind of appease to the mood. Space design would like to give the world to people who live here rather than being a leading role.

▼客房3,Guestroom 3

▼客房4,Guestroom 4


藏酒 | Wine storage


Helan mountain has blocked the yellow sand rolling in the Tengri desert and softened the north wind. The special geographical position and natural climate provide superior conditions for grape growth. The sunshine time here is nearly 3000 hours per year, and the special soil makes the grapes of excellent quality with high sugar, acid and elegant aroma.

▼酒窖,Wine cellar


Since ancient times, the cave has been a shelter for people because of its constant temperature, and then a place for storing food and wine. This is the inspiration for the design of the wine cellar.

▼洞穴是酒窖设计的灵感来源,the design of the Wine cellar is inspired by the form of caves


The public area connecting the guest rooms has an oversized terrace that hides the roof of the wine workshop, many of which are covered with mirrors. The reflection of the light merges the Helan Mountain, the vineyards and the sky.

▼酿酒车间,production area

▼屋顶平台,roof terrace


Here hides the wine, hides a yearning life, draws the outline of this plain with the design beautiful line, China Helan Mountain.

▼场地鸟瞰,site aerial view

▼卫星图,satellite imagery



Project Name:Chateau Mihope
Location:Yinchuan, China
Project Owner:Chateau Mihope
Project Manager:Shao Junjie、Wei Lei
Designers:Chai Runzhi, Zhang Qi, Lin Lida, Song Wanyang, Li Jiaxing, Wang Yinxuan, Wang Longwen, Huang Dakang, Fan Jijing
Furniture and decoration:Li Ju、Fan Jijing
Structure Design:Zhejiang Huazhou International Design Co.,Ltd
Construction Team:Ningxia Xinyu Construction Co.,Ltd
Renovation Area:1600 sqm
Photographer:Su Shengliang
Video Production:Lin Lida
Outdoor Video Copyright:CCTV-Science and Education

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