Sauna R by Matteo Foresti

A black box embedded in the rocks

Project Specs


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In the middle of Stockholm’s archipelago, a narrow pathway brings the visitors to the sauna: a black box embedded in the rocks.

▼镶嵌在岩石中的桑拿房,a sauna embedded in the rocks

▼建筑外观,exterior view

▼正立面,front view

▼户外平台,outdoor terrace


Inside of it, a monolithic stone bench faces the water through a large sliding window. Made of black granite (Negresco) and dark wood (Oak), the space is like a camera obscura, a little box drawn to shape the views of the landscape.

▼平台视野,view from the terrace

▼巨大的滑动玻璃门,the large sliding window

▼花岗岩桑拿长椅,the monolithic stone bench

▼长椅细部,detailed view


On the back a thick wall contains all the services: a small kitchen hidden behind the sliding doors and a bathroom illuminated by a skylight. At night the small sauna resembles a lighthouse, a warm and cozy space illuminated from the inside.

▼多功能墙壁, services wall

▼推拉门后的小厨房,the small kitchen hidden behind the sliding doors


▼浴室天窗,bathroom skylight

▼夜空下的桑拿房,the small sauna by night

▼场地平面图,site plan



Project name: Sauna R
Architect’ Firm: Matteo Foresti
Contact e-mail:
Photo credits: João Morgado
Photographer’s website:
Project location: Värmdö, Stockholm, Sweden
Completion Year: 2018
Gross Built Area (square meters or square foot): 25 mq
Client: Private
Other participants:
Construction company: Lindblad&partners
Landscape architet: Torsten Wallin – WSP
Engineer: KE gruppen AB
Carpenter: Jiwes Modell & Snickeri
Ventilation: DC vent AB
Plumber: Ericsson & Holmstedt VVS
El: Pernolds El AB
List of materials and brands
Stone floor: Negresco quartzite – leather finishing
Stone walls: Negresco quartzite – matt finishig
1. Sauna heater: Sentiotec – Concept R
2. Bathroom accessories: Dornbracht Supernova
3. Bathroom sink: Alape

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