Changchun Culture & Ecology Park, China by W&R Group

A new place for citizens to spend leisure time

Project Specs

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感谢 水石设计 予gooood分享以下内容。 Appreciation towards W&R Group for providing the following description:


Changchun Culture & Ecology park, the former Changchun No. 1 Water Treatment Plant built during the Manchukuo Regime, is a design and operation project of urban regeneration related to the protection and transformation of industrial heritage, which has a history of water supply for eighty years in Changchun and rare ecological green space in urban hinterland with an area of 300,000 square meters.

▼项目鸟瞰,aerial view


The urban ecological green space is of ecological value and impact that can not be underestimated. It is necessary for designers to respect the ecosystem on the site so as to share the ecological resources in urban development. The forest landscape corridor, which goes through the whole park, minimizes the damage to the original vegetation system while allowing people to feel comfortable in an aerobic walk. Based on the scientific and reasonable streamline plan, the park has retained several sedimentation and clean water tanks made of concrete, so as to preserve and strengthen the industrial characteristics of the site and minimize the damage to the primitive environment.

▼文化生态园由净水工厂的工业遗迹改造而来,a project of urban regeneration related to the protection and transformation of industrial heritage

▼净水厂工业元素与硬景观相融合,the industrial elements are integrated into the hard landscape

▼游乐设施唤起场地的工业记忆,the recreation facility recalls the industrial history of the site

▼清水池平台夜景,water platform night view

▼俯瞰清水池,overlook to the purification pool


The only complete green lawn in the whole area is designed as an art plaza for all kinds of cultural events. It is surrounded by sedimentation tanks, the forest landscape corridor and the culture museum. The park will present you with various views wherever you go.

▼绿地草坪,the green lawn

▼充满自然气息的休闲空间,leisure area

▼露天沉淀池,the outdoor sedimentation tank

▼森林生态链接线,the eco-route in the forest

▼森林生态线夜景,night view of the eco-route


Changchun Culture & Ecology Park takes the ecological green space as its carrier, focuses on the activation and regeneration of green space, makes an organic integration of industrial heritage and natural landscape, and adds the elements of culture, art and fashion creativity to the park, highlights the interaction between human and nature, while promoting and changing the lifestyle, striving to set a new model for urban regeneration and industrial heritage protection in China and developing a regeneration model which is fully integrated with urban activities and upgrading of industrial structure.

▼工业遗迹与自然景观有机结合, an organic integration of industrial heritage and natural landscape

▼建筑细部,detailed view

▼区位示意,location map


▼清水池区域平面图,plan of the purification pool area

▼工业空间改造示意,renovation diagram

▼清水池改造,renovation diagram – purification pool


主创及设计团队:水石设计【 设计四部 / 景观四室 / 水石工程(施工图团队 / 米川工作室)/ 技研中心(成一工作室、盈石工作室)】
景观设计:水石设计 / 中邦园林
勘察测绘:长春市政工程设计院 / 建筑工程质量检测中心
施工单位:中庆房建 / 中邦园林 / 吉林省建筑消防装饰工程有限公司
水石工作团队:设计四部 / 景观四室 / 水石工程(施工图团队 / 米川工作室)/ 技研中心(成一工作室、盈石工作室)/ 品牌推广
客户:长春建委 / 长春城投


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