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纽约设计工作室APPARATUS在11月迎来了其位于加利福尼亚州洛杉矶的展厅开幕。这是他们继纽约总部、米兰之后的第三个展厅。首次走出西部地区,APPARATUS将他们的展厅设在了好莱坞附近,一个国际公认的新兴艺术与设计胜地。7年前在洛杉矶相遇并设计了APPARATUS初期作品的联合创始人Gabriel Hendifar 和Jeremy Anderson感觉现在正是工作室重蓄能量和接受公众关注的最佳时机。

This coming November, the New York-based design studio APPARATUS will celebrate the grand opening of its Los Angeles, CA showroom space. This will be their third location, after headquarters in New York City and an outpost in Milan. For the first time out West, APPARATUS will establish themselves in the Hollywood neighborhood, internationally recognized as a burgeoning arts and design destination. Co-founders Gabriel Hendifar and Jeremy Anderson – who met and conceived APPARATUS’ initial pieces in Los Angeles about seven years ago – sensed that now was the right time for the studio to take part in the renewed energy and current spotlight on the city.

▼展厅外观,exterior of the showroom

来自Angeleno的创意总监Hendifar对通过南加利福尼亚镜头诠释品牌标志性的精致美学这一挑战感到非常兴奋。Hendifar与他的团队花了14个月的时间改造位于McCadden Place 5000平方英尺的仓库,这个仓库与JF Chen, Blackman Cruz, Ralph Pucci 和 Regen Projects相邻,曾是一家著名的电视制作工作室。

As a native Angeleno and Creative Director of the studio, Hendifar was particularly excited to take on the challenge of interpreting the brand’s signature polished aesthetic through a Southern California lens. Hendifar spent the last fourteen months with his team renovating the 5,000 sq ft warehouse space on McCadden Place, once home to a prominent television production studio and now neighbor to JF Chen, Blackman Cruz, Ralph Pucci and Regen Projects.

▼展厅内部空间,interior space of the showroom

De Chirico的画作对建筑和空间低饱和度日落色系产生了重要影响,也勾勒出洛杉矶居住生活的精致画面。展厅拥有一个由钢和玻璃构成的壮观入口。展厅内部所有的光线都从距离地面15英尺处的一排天窗射入,这使得Hendifar能够创造一个与纽约相呼应的空间体验。

Both the architecture and the palette of desaturated sunset tones of the Los Angeles space are informed by the paintings of De Chirico, proposing a refined vision of Los Angeles living. The showroom will have an imposing steel and glass entrance, but no street facing windows – all the light will stream in from a row of clerestory windows 15’ above the ground, allowing Hendifar to create a transportive experience echoing that of the New York space.

▼低饱和度日落色系的空间,palette of desaturated sunset tones of the space

all the light streams in from clerestory windows 15’ above the ground


Other noteworthy details include expressed in-hand troweled plaster walls, fabrics and textures ranging from the rough to the refined, a mix of stone and veneer architectural elements, and about three tons of discreetly placed gravel.

▼室内粗糙和精致的元素,rough and refined elements

▼人工抹灰石膏墙与拱形元素,in-hand troweled plaster walls and arch elements


除了APPARATUS整个系列的的灯具、家具和摆件,空间也展示了JF Chen的一系列精选名作和洛杉矶艺术家Robert Moreland 与Amir Nikravan的作品,显露出工作室欢迎庆贺这座城市艺术与设计的愿望。

Alongside the full range of APPARATUS lines of lighting, furniture, and objects, the space will also showcase a selection of notable pieces from the JF Chen collection and works by Los Angeles based artists Robert Moreland and Amir Nikravan, testifying of the studio’s desire to celebrate the city’s art and design community.

▼包含多位艺术家作品的室内,space including works of multiple artists

▼精心布置的展示场景,carefully placed display scene

Photography: wichmann+bendtsen
Styling: Helle Walsted


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