Central Gardenscape for Taikang Business School by Farmerson Architects

A simple and abundant ring of life.

Project Specs


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景观设计,作为人与自然之间的媒介,是房木生景观(Farmerson Architects)一直专注思考的命题。泰康学院景观工程设计,是房木生景观借助项目背景带来的生命思考,发挥人与自然之景观媒介的一次实践。

Landscape design , as a medium between human and nature, is a proposition that Farmerson Architects always focuses on. In this way, Project Taikang Business School is practiced by thinking about life and place.

▼中心庭院景观,central gardenscape for Taikang Business School


The project site is located in the south of Zhongguancun Life Science Park. Two buildings are divided on both sides of the central axis at the northern end. Farmerson Architects undertook the design between two buildings and the atria in the second stage.

▼中庭景观位于地下建筑顶部,the project sits on top of the basement space


The second stage building group consists of two L-shaped buildings, with a circular corridor in the middle, enclosing a round atrium, a triangular courtyard and two aisles.

▼平面构成式的设计,plane composition style of space


Thus, the landscape in atrium begins with some circles that gradually grow larger, forming 700mm wide paths, around and connecting the water surface that extends from the main axis of the building. Just like the waves of life sweeping into the circular corridors.


“The complexity in simplicity” is the meaning of life, we believe it.

▼圆环围绕中央轴线展开,the circular footpaths ripples around the central axis



As the second – layer line, the paths to the courtyard from circular corrido are wide or narrow, winding to the central water. So far, the road system in the courtyard has been completed. That is a simple idea, but there has been some rich and complex landscape spaces.

▼轴线中的水面,the waterbody lied on the central axis


The “island” for planting and the “beach” outside formed by gravel as a buffer, intersperse between two traffic spaces, where the slopes are planted and fluctuating. Hedgerows , flowers , grass and trees develop according to their own logic and grow happily. In the courtyard, we also put some stones and leave some spaces for sculptures.

▼种植的“岛”以及其外边缓冲的砾石组成的“沙滩”,“island” formed by plants and hedgerows


The plants are diverse. The path is simple. Everyone could pass or stay. This is the “media” we imagined. We hope to set up such a simple artificial medium which allows people to access the nature and experience the richness and polymorphism easily.

▼多样的植物材料,the various choice of vegetation



Just like water waves , this landscape space is praising the richness of life.

▼生机蓬勃的空间,the vibrant green space



设计周期:2016.01 – 2016.5
建设周期:2016.06 – 2016.10
景观设计:房木生景观设计 Farmerson Architects


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