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Here, unmanned snooping is a scandal

Project Specs


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因为一瓶酒记住一个人,是酒柜里的政治;因为一个人叫醒一瓶酒,是社交中的艺术。夜幕如穴,换名片不如交杯。CAVE CLUB 为这么一群人设计: 他们是行踪成谜的男男女女,充满争议,也不惧争议。一切荒唐都不是问题,存在即合理。他们的酒量、取向、脾气,都是话题。但夜以继日,习惯了若无其事,也没兴趣满足好奇。不关心来处,不打听去处,CAVE CLUB 提供的正是这群人的此处。

Because a bottle of wine remembers one person, it is the politics in the wine cabinet;Because a person wake up a bottle of wine, it is the art of social intercourse.Night is like a hole, change business cards than to hand in a cup. Cave Club is designed for such a group of people.They are men and women whose whereabouts are a mystery.They are full of controversy and are not afraid of controversy.All absurdity is not a problem, existence is reasonable.Their capacity for liquor, orientation, temper, is the topic.But day and night, accustomed to as if nothing has occurred, also not interested in satisfy curiosity. Do not care about where to come, do not inquire about places, Cave Club provides this group of people’s place.




The idea of CAVE project stems from ancient cave, from its interfacial relationship between gathered-twigs fire and warmth.While mentioning ancient cave, the pure and good scene,like people clustering around fire, singing and drinking,will then occur in our mind.

▼CAVE 空间源于“洞穴”的概念,the idea of the project stems from ancient cave

▼人群可以从不同的位置看到CAVE里面的空间,the crowd around can see the space inside the cave from different locations


After on-site inspection, found that the site is three-sided street – oriented, from the point of view of business, the geographical position is very good; But it’s very different from the club we’re envisioning. We try to plan the guest sitting inside and seeing the outside, and the crowd around can see the space inside the cave from different locations, attract the crowd into it.

▼场地分析,site Analysis


The designer reconstructed the entertainment and communication field before the birth of civilized order by visualizing the relationship between man and space, space and space. The creation, the cave-holes, combining sphere and wall, is used as the fundamental interface for the whole space. Thanks to the design, it makes the relationship between people and space, space and space, independent but also mutually interpenetrated.

▼入口大厅区域,lobby area


这些“洞口”在外观上形成了特点鲜明的建筑的门窗,半圆的门窗的构造在众多的横平竖直的建筑环境中别具一格。透过外观的这些半圆形的门窗,无论哪个角度我们都可以看到Cave Club的吧台。隐约的灯光,动人的音乐,还有里面的人们都勾起了进去一探究竟的欲望,步入内部的空间更是由不同的洞口围合而成的半开放的包间和开放的大厅,空间独立又暧昧。

sThese semi-round door and windows make it stand out the boxy buildings. Through any exterior door and windows, the bar table of  Cave Club can be seen at any angle. After steping inside, people will find it is a futher experience than standing outside. The space is independent but also with obscure boundary, semi-open booths and open-hall are all shaped by variety-size holes.

▼洞穴的创造,结合球体和墙壁,是整个空间的基本界面,the creation, the cave-holes, combining sphere and wall, is used as the fundamental interface for the whole space

▼主吧台区,main bar counter area

▼吧台近景,bar counter



These spaces are no longer the traditional spacing, space all the elements of the modelling is clever and free. The semi-open space makes the whole space all the time, events, characters, vision, smell, hearing all feel fusion superposition together. Experience is open, but independent; So that people and space, space and space between the independent and mutual penetration.

▼空间所有的元素造型都是灵动的自由的,all spatial elements are floating freely

▼座位区域细部,seating area detail


▼设计演变,Design Evolution



▼施工现场记录,Construction Site Record

Name | 项目名称:
Location | 项目地点:
Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China | 中国广东 广州
Design Time | 设计时间:
December 2016 | 二零一六年 十月
Completion Time | 竣工时间:
October 2017 | 二零一七年十月
Interior Design | 主案设计:
Ray Wong 黄永才 | RMA 共和都市
Interior Design Team | 设计团队:
Jet Wong 黄永杰 、Jay Wong 王文杰、
Eunice Wong 王艳玲、Bell Wei 韦士康 等 | RMA 共和都市
Construction follow – up | 深化设计及现场技术指导::
James Wu 吴嘉庆
Light cooperation | 灯光协作:
Nickobe Lee 李毅
Author | 撰文:
San Yu 三愚
Photography | 摄影:
Jack Qin 覃昭量 | RMA 共和都市 Kaijian Lee 李开健
Video Animation | 视频动画:
Tong Lee 李童

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