Patterns by Aurélien Aumond

Light, shapes, colours, patterns

 8-day Summer Workshop in Shenzhen – Transformable Space

This workshop is a cooperative teaching between E-LAB and MOUNTAIN BLACK. It will be hold by three architects and poets, machinists and hackers.

Obscure Reality of Beijing Fun by WANG Yonggang · Idea Latitude Public Art Institute

The highest good is like water

ZEST Graffiti Works

The richness of the image.

Selected work of Scott Hazard

A space for a sensory pause.

Reusable Universes by Shih Chieh Huang

Technology and art fuse in Reusable Universes.

ABC CARPET & HOME, FALL 2016 by Jason Madara

Carpet shoot in caves.

Graffiti walls by Peeta

A dialogue between the real and imaginary world.

Neon Desert by Stefano Gardel

Civilization fights for surviving.

King Dragon From the Sea by Ziqing

There are neverending stories by the sea

nonLin/Lin on view at the Bruges Triennale with the FRAC by MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY

Liquid Architectures

“Beautified China II”, An Architectural Photography Essay / Kris Provoost

Beautified China in “other” cities

Philosopher’s Tree by Michael Kenna

A spiritual journey in slowness with a Master Photographer

Melting Memories by Refik Anadol Studio

“Science states meanings; art expresses them”

“focus” by Yuji Okitsu

Multiple floating worlds embedded in circles of light

Etherea for Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival by Edoardo Tresoldi

Transient and charming

Redefining space, Germany by Hans Kotter

The incredible light

Symmetry – photography by Yang Tianzhou

The “relations”.