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▼建筑适应场地环境将朝内立面开放,the elevation that face to the inside is open to the landscape  ©何震环

The project locates in Tianfu New Area, Chengdu, inside the Southwest Airport Economic Development Zone. Being 14 km away from Shuangliu International Airport, it is part of the New Chengdu Energy Industry District Planning. The project is east to Chengya Highway and west to South Chuanchi Road, extension area. The site still remains the forestry texture which is unique to Chengdu Plain. The forestry texture is formed mostly by agricultural lands and fish ponds with small settlements and forests scattering in-between. Due to that, our design focuses on how to meet the restricted sloping and elevation requirement inside the project. We also try to preserve most of the unique landform and topography from Chengdu Plain.

When planning the programs and phasing of the site, we choose different topographic manipulation strategies based on their various functions: For office, exhibition and reception area, we maintain the original topography, using the existing landscape elements to design these areas. The existing fish pond becomes the central water feature after the design. We also maintain most of the original planting without interfering the construction. The strategy is to transfer them into series of various terrace landscape merging into the topography. For warehouses and R&D areas, considering the craftsmanship requirement and smooth topography, we decide to use hardscape to serve the purpose of fully function, using rank vegetation as main landscape planting. We also control the height of the vegetation to not block the view and maintain the efficiency of transportation.

▼现状分析及场地设计,situation map


The complex building locates in the north-western corner of the site, extending itself along the South Chuanchi road in a holistic, clean style with tube shaped cantilever structure. We choose the west side of the project as main iconic showing area, meanwhile controlling its sunshine angle. The north side of the project is used as expert reception area. It has convenient traffic access to the complex building and connects itself to the urban main vehicular road. This area has low impact from construction development, where maintains the original topography and landscape. The north-eastern corner of the site is relatively flat, which is used as R&D center and factory warehouses. The rest of the warehouses are located in the south of the site which is in the phase two construction.

▼布局图,the overall layout


Complex Building


The complex building undertakes most of the office, information sharing and display. The needs for image displaying also impact its architecture design. Steel truss structure forms a tube-shaped space cantilevered in the west side of the side, facing the main urban avenue. It lays down a basic design style of light and dynamic. Inside the east side of the building is the main office area while the west side becomes the meeting room, open space and exhibition hall using the triangle space. At the same time, the panel system in the west side also filters both the sunlight and view.

▼沿街立面,along the street  ©何震环

▼入口的浅水池和倒影,entrance pool  ©何震环

▼综合楼近景,close view  ©何震环

▼入口细部,detail of the entrance  ©何震环

▼室内,interior  ©何震环

▼三角形空间中的钢爬梯,the steel stairs in the triangle space  ©何震环

▼入口水池细部,detail of the entrance pool  ©何震环

▼综合楼细部,detail of the architecture  ©何震环

▼一层平面图,the first floor plan

▼二层平面图,the second floor plan

▼三层平面图,the third floor plan

▼四层平面图,the forth floor plan



▼综合楼功能布局,layout of functions


Chuanxi Club


This area is divided into two parts: first part is gathering area with reception and meeting rooms, another part is courtyard area with recreation and entertainment. This area has its own independent entrance and exit. Besides the front reception, the gathering area also serves as connection to office and reception area. It is interpreted into a collective and holistic image.

▼接待中心,the gathering space  ©何震环

▼接待中心爆炸图,the exploded map

▼立面细部,facade detail


▼立面及剖面,elevation and section

Staff Canteen


The staff canteen locates near the demarcation of phase one and two with its main entrance facing the factory area. Its red line reacts to the orientation and angles of the phasing demarcation. In terms of the layout, we use the existing depression to form a semi-underground space. At the same time, water is introduced to the interior space after manipulation. As the main entrance water feature, it forms an atmosphere of forestry canteen through different landscape elements.

▼员工食堂,the canteen  ©何震环

▼利用场地现有的凹地形成局部半地下的建筑布局,using the existing depression to form a semi-underground space  ©何震环




Staff Dormitory


The staff dormitory uses its internal courtyard, landscape and corridor to connect different site levels. Following its program, it represents a simple yet modernism façade design.

▼员工宿舍,the dormitry  ©何震环

▼宿舍入口,entrance   ©何震环

▼结合地形的宿舍内庭,the courtyard reflects to the topography  ©何震环

▼二层平面图,the second floor plan



设计团队:刘欣、邵鹏、邵帅、刘柳、杨宁、麻世金、王思聪、邓芳、汪田浩、王泽民 等

Project Name:CAST Project
Architects: TANGHUA ARCHITECT&ASSOCIATES,Xinjiang Academy of Building Research Co., Ltd.
Landscape Design: Caohui ((Singapore) Design Consultants
Design: 2013.10-2015.01
Project Year: 2017
Area: 291253㎡
Location:Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Architects in Charge: Tang Hua
Design Team: Liu Xin, Shao Peng, Shao Shuai, Liu Liu, Yang Ning, Ma Shijiin, Wang Sicong, Deng Fang, Wang Tianhao, Wang Zemin etc.
Client:Chengdu Aerospace Superalloy Technology Co., Ltd



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