Academic apartment by M3 Architects

A contemporary urban apartment in New Classic style

Project Specs


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M3 Architects对设计的历史以及上个世纪的大师人物有着深刻的敬仰和爱戴之情。因此在该项目中,设计师打造了一个反映历史并推陈出新的室内设计方案。委托人是一位爱好古董的高学历商人,对个人空间有着较高的要求。这间公寓位于马赛Pannier区的一栋建造于19世纪的古老建筑中。设计师保留了原先的装饰品和建筑立面中的内窗。

M3 Architects highly appreciates and loves the history of design and great masters of the last century. Therefore, we created an interior that reflects the history and new ideas. This project was performed for a business highly educated man who is fond of antiques and values his personal space. The apartment is located in the Pannier quarter, in an ancient building that was built in the nineteenth century. We preserved the existing decorations and supported the idea of ​​internal shutters, as an element of the facade design.

▼带有壁炉的公共空间,the living area with a fireplace

▼客厅一角,a view of the living room

▼古典建筑的内窗被保留下来,the existing ​​internal shutters of the ancient builing are preserved

室内空间分为公共和私人区域。公共区域包括厨房、餐厅、客厅以及储藏室,被安排在公寓中最为明亮的位置。壁炉和餐厅所在的宽阔区域可供主人欣赏音乐,或与好友充分地享受休闲时光。公寓里没有电视,因为房主平时专注于阅读以及和朋友交流。私人空间包括卧室、浴室和衣帽间。室内空间的两个关键之处分别在于其古典历史背景,以及现代体量与技术的结合。设计师为之寻找了来自欧洲各地的灯具,每一件都经过了精挑细选。室内家具和材料的品牌包括Mukomelov、Silas Seandel、Jacques Quinet、Kofod-Larsen、Jacques Biny、Niels Moller、Vola、Inbani以及Villeroy&Boch等。

The interior is divided into a public and a private space. The public area includes a kitchen, a dining room, a living room and a storage. We choose the brightest part of the apartment to arrange this space. The large area is formed by a fireplace and a dining area, where it is possible to spend all the free time with friends or to enjoy music. There is no TV in this apartment because the owner pays much attention to reading and communicating with friends. The private area includes a bedroom, a bathroom, a wardrobe. Two important parts of the interior are the classic background and the integrated technological and modern volumes. We found furniture and lighting items in different European cities. Every item was chosen individually. We combined different famous brands’ interior items and materials such as: Mukomelov, Silas Seandel , Jacques Quinet , Kofod-Larsen, Jacques Biny , Niels Moller, Vola, Inbani , Villeroy&Boch.

▼阅读区域,a space for reading




Total area- 72 sq.m.
Location – Marseille, France
Style – New Classic

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