Casa Celestina by Ramos Castellano arquitectos

Creating a harmonious and dynamic set of relationships between space and human being

Project Specs


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该项目位于西非佛得角的Sao Vicente岛上的明德卢市,该城市发展迅速,25岁以下的人口占城市人口的50%,且游客数量不断增加。

The city of Mindelo on the island of Sao Vicente, Capo Verde, west Africa, is expanding rapidly, with 50% of the population under the age of 25, and with a constantly growing touristic flow.

▼建筑外观,exterior view © Sergio Pirrone

▼建筑鸟瞰,aerial view © Sergio Pirrone


The 60 sq m plot is located in the city’s center commercial street. A street that in the last 15 years has transformed its architecture, from residential, with traditional multi-colored one-storey houses, to small 4-storey apartment buildings, with the possibility of one meter overhang on the public road. How could we create an harmonious transition between the old existing, the new and the two existing buildings on the sides of the plot. Above all, as we could have conveyed through a 4-storey vertical facade, the same joy that was in traditional architecture, combining it with a new program.

▼主立面,main facade © Sergio Pirrone

▼街道立面,street facade © Sergio Pirrone


On the ground floor 120 mq for commercial and co-working use on two levels, the project tries to create a direct dialogue between the space and the street through the openings.

▼一层商业空间,commercial space © Sergio Pirrone

▼一层共享空间,co-working space © Sergio Pirrone


The apartments, 6 of 29 sq m each, plus the attic 60 sq m, are designed to allow space to be used in the most flexible and adaptable form. The openings are designed to create an internal external relationship, filtering and selecting the views that contribute to calmness and internal concentration, and at the same time creating a relationship for positioning and size with the architecture of the two lateral buildings.

▼房间的开窗创造了室内外的联系,the openings are designed to create an internal external relationship © Sergio Pirrone

▼起居空间,living area © Sergio Pirrone


The chromatism of the windows has a direct relationship with the chromatic palette already present in traditional Cabo Verdian architecture, and the movement of the openings absorbs and transfers a dynamism and a dialogue with the street and above all with the stereometry of the neighboring buildings. Local handcraftsmanship and certified pine wood for the furniture, crossed ventilation for the natural climatization of the apartments. The internal furniture follows the same logic of flexibility and transformability of the space that architecture manifests, creating a harmonious and dynamic set of relationships between space and human being. The feeling that you live within the space is calm within a constant moving stream.

▼窗户外部视角,windows exterior view © Sergio Pirrone

▼室内开窗,openings internal view © Sergio Pirrone

▼家具的布置遵循了灵活且可转换的原则,the internal furniture follows the same logic of flexibility and transformability of the space © Sergio Pirrone

▼餐厨空间和凉台,kitchen, dining room and terrace © Sergio Pirrone

▼楼梯间和浴室,stair well and bathroom © Sergio Pirrone

▼窗户细节,window details © Sergio Pirrone

▼动态的立面,a dynamic facade © Sergio Pirrone

▼公寓平面图,floor plans © Ramos Castellano arquitectos

▼立面图,facades © Ramos Castellano arquitectos

▼剖面图,sections © Ramos Castellano arquitectos

Architects: Ramos Castellano arquitectos

Eloisa Ramos, Moreno S. Castellano
Area: 390 mq
Year: 2020
Structural Engineer: Ilidio Alexandre
Builder: Cipriano Tomas
Carpentry and furnitures: Sig. Adriano Gomes
Pictures: Sergio Pirrone
Video: Gonçalo Pola
Paintings: Moreno Castellano

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