Casa Belas Clube de Campo by BICA Arquitectos

Viewing the mountains and the sea

Project Specs


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本住宅俯瞰着辛特拉山脉(Sintra mountain range)、佩纳宫(Pena Palace)和远处的大海。

The house is located on a plot overlooking the Sintra mountain range with the Pena Palace and the sea in the distance.

▼住宅外观,exterior view of the house


The main facade of the house faces south, parallel to the road, although the first image of the house is actually that which turns to the west and also corresponds to the space of the main entrance, a situation that is emphasized by the design of the upper balcony which has a close relation with the view of the sea and the mountains. The facade facing north, is more enclosed, with a protected garden and a lawn.

▼住宅南立面外观,上层的白色体量与下层的玻璃体量形成鲜明的对比,exterior view of the south elevation of the house, the transparency of the ground floor creates a strong contrast with the upper white volume


The underground floor is entirely covered with limestone. It was intended that the stone that resulted from the excavation would be reused in the construction of the walls of this floor, creating a massive foundation that suspends the ground floor that is all glass and which establishes a visual and functional continuity with the outdoor spaces, such as the large terrace, swimming pool, lounge areas, and open fire to the south, and the winter garden to the north.

▼住宅南立面外观局部,由玻璃围合而成首层空间坐落在由石灰石打造而成的地下层之上,partial exterior view of the south elevation of the house, the ground floor enclosed by all glass is located at the underground floor that is entirely covered with limestone


▼住宅南立面局部,设有大型泳池(左),首层空间局部,室内空间通过木框门连通(右),partial exterior view of the south elevation of the house with a large pool (left), partial interior view of the ground floor, interior spaces are connected by wood-framed doors (right)


▼通透的首层空间,the transparent ground floor

▼首层空间局部,室内采用纯白的色调,局部使用木色作为点缀,partial interior view of the ground floor in the pure white palette and with wood embellishment

▼连接首层和二层空间的白色螺旋式楼梯,the interior spiral white stairs connecting the ground floor and the upper floor

This image of transparency creates a strong contrast with the upper white volume, that through a spiral-like wall creates a large terrace inside and protects the private spaces from the surroundings, eliminating all the visual noise of the surrounding buildings and pointing our eyes at the sea. This white volume suspends over the ground floor very close to the human scale, creating shadow and accentuating the image of lightness.

▼二层的室内露台,可以通向二层外空间,the inside terrace on the upper floor leading directly to the outdoor space

▼室内楼梯(左),二层室外空间(右),interior stairs (left), the outdoor space on the upper floor (right)

▼黄昏时分的住宅主立面外观,the exterior view of the main elevation of the house at dusk

▼黄昏时分的住宅外观,the exterior view of the house at dusk

Projecto: Casa Belas Clube de Campo
Office: BICA Arquitectos
Year: 2019
Area: 1100 m2
Location: Sintra, Portugal
Photos by: Fernando Guerra | FG+SG
Project Manager: Inês Cortesão, Célia Faria
Project team: Marco dos Santos, Liliana Nóbrega, Pedro Tomé

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