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项目坐落于巴塞罗那,老旧的Espai Serrahima工业园区内。人们对该工业园区的最初印象莫过于一排排的厂房屋顶,侧墙,入口以及乱糟糟的工业制品。现如今,人们不再以这样的统一标准化的方式建造建筑,也不再以如此直白明了的方式塑造室内空间,如同Espai Serrahima的工业园区几乎已经消失了。

The first impression of the old industrial enclosure called Espai Serrahima is a continuous addition of roofs, entrances, sidewalls and untidy artifacts. The construction tradition of buildings like this one has completely disappeared. At least they don’t build buildings with this unity and with such clear space clearness anymore.

▼画廊坐落于Espai Serrahima工业园区内,located in the old industrial enclosure called Espai Serrahima © José Hevia

▼画廊入口,main entrance of the gallery © José Hevia

上个世纪,在过度建设风潮的影响下,涌现出大量没有经过任何考虑的博物馆,这导致了规模庞大的面积浪费。如今,当代艺术变成了对抗这种空间浪费的有力武器。当代艺术家们不再满足于将作品单纯地摆放在空间内,而是进一步探索了艺术与空间之间精密而微妙的联系,由此,永久艺术装置空间应运而生,如Dia Bacon Foundation与Chinati Foundation,就是十分成功的案例。

The fact that nowadays contemporary art is not hanged, it is installed, has given examples where the success of spaces with permanent art installations, such as the Dia Bacon Foundation or the Chinati Foundation, discover the precise and attached relationship between art and space. This is perhaps an antagonism to the constructive excess of the last century, where thousands of square meters have been built in museums without any thought about it.

▼轴测分析图,axonometric drawing © Jorge Vidal Studio

▼展厅内部概览,overall of the exhibition hall  © José Hevia

▼当代艺术变成为对抗空间浪费的有力武器,contemporary art has become a powerful weapon against space waste © José Hevia

▼展厅细部,detail of the exhibition hall © José Hevia

本项目的核心设计理念旨在营造高质量的空间体验,同时赋予原建筑结构更加丰富的变化。Carles Taché 画廊的设计过程,就是在不同元素之间寻找联系,并为它们建立一个新秩序的过程。

The project is committed with the quality of the existent space, but at the same time wants to create additional variations to the formal structure. The experience to work there is like creating an order within, a new order that could put the elements in relation between them.

▼夹层上的工作空间,work space on the mezzanine © José Hevia

▼本项目的核心设计理念旨在营造高质量的空间体验,同时赋予原建筑结构更加丰富的变化,the project is committed with the quality of the existent space, but at the same time wants to create additional variations to the formal structure © José Hevia

▼交通空间细部,details of the circulation space © José Hevia

▼平面图,plan © Jorge Vidal Studio

Location: Carrer Mèxic, Barcelona, Spain
Status: built 2016
Program: 1125 sqm
Client: Galeria Carles Taché
Structure: Cabezas, Moreno y Góngora
Facilities and sustainability: Jaume Pastor
Technical Support: Mario Barredo
Photography: José Hevia
Premios: Finalist of FAD Awards 2015

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