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The area of Caohejing High-Tech Park in Minhang District, south-west of Shanghai’s city center, has continuously been upgraded over the past decades from production industry land to high-quality service industry. Shanghai Business Park, located north of Caobao Road and conveniently connected via two metro lines, covers an area of 13.7 hectares and is being developed since the year 2003 in several phases.

View from the street (gif.) © CreatAR Images

Daytime view & Night view  (gif.) © CreatAR Images


Originally designed according to the concept of Arlington Parks, the Business Park consists mainly of low-rise headquarter and rent-out office buildings integrated in an open landscape park. Some strategically placed high-rise buildings and service facilities complete the high-quality business environment.

The open landscape © CreatAR Images

The meandering water way © CreatAR Images



In phase 4-6, 36 office building with a GFA of 418,000 m2 are planned around a central lake and along a meandering water way that flows freely between the outer two building rings, providing each building with a view to water and green.

Phase 4, covering an L-shaped area to the north east of the site, has been recently completed and features two building types.

Site plan © gmp Architekten


The two centrally positioned 60m high-rise buildings are connected via a platform on F2 that covers and links entrance spaces, landscape as well as public facilities. While the ground level park is accessible to all, the landscaped platform on F2 provides more private outdoor spaces for the tenants.

The two buildings connected via a platform on F2 © CreatAR Images

Spiral staircase by night © CreatAR Images

The ground level park © CreatAR Images


The vertically structured façades of the towers consist of finely framed, alternately tilted elements of box-type windows and perforated metal panels that provide, besides natural ventilation, a special lighting effect.

Daytime view & Night view (gif.) © CreatAR Images

Facade lighting effect © CreatAR Images


The ventilated double layer façade with integrated sun shading guarantees special indoor comfort and meets high energy-saving standards. With changing daylight settings and illuminated at night, the façades produce a vivid and moving image, while being nuanced and sharply defined in detail.

Facade detailed view © CreatAR Images

Building facade by night © CreatAR Images


The five-story headquarter office buildings with square-shaped floor plates are distributed more freely in the park. Each building features an extruded box in a corner at ground level that marks the entrance, while at the opposing top-level corner, another box is pushed out, that contains important meeting rooms and special functions and connects to a roof garden.

▼从园区望向总部办公楼(动图) © CreatAR Images
The headquarter office buildings seen from the campus (gif.)

The facades of the headquarter office building © CreatAR Images



The facades consist of strictly squared, three dimensionally shaped metal frame elements with alternately tilted elements, that provide natural ventilation through openable window sashes behind the perforated metal sheets.

While the large, square-shaped façade units produce an overall clear and calm appearance, a certain variety is created by the changing position of the entrance and top features, that also react on the surrounding landscape and access situation.

Facade detailed view © CreatAR Images

▼立面细节对比,Contrast © CreatAR Images


The fourth phase of the Caohejing Science and Technology Oasis project officially started in March 2018. After a construction period of two and a half years, it has been officially completed. The project won the “Top Ten Green Projects in China in 2020”. The fifth and sixth phases of Caohejing Technology Oasis officially started on January 24, 2019 and will be completed in 2022.

The campus in the sunset © CreatAR Images

Plan F1 – The towers © gmp Architekten

Typical plan – The towers© gmp Architekten

East elevation – The towers© gmp Architekten

Section – The towers© gmp Architekten

Plan level 1 – The headquarter office building
© gmp Architekten

Roof plan – The headquarter office building
© gmp Architekten

West elevation – The headquarter office building
© gmp Architekten

Section – The headquarter office building
© gmp Architekten

项目负责人:苗笛,Michael Munz,李肇颖,Fanny Hoffmann-Loss
设计团队:何晓舒,Kai Lange,刘凌雪,蒋薇,方华,钱铄,Simon Seelig,张方籍

Design Meinhard von Gerkan and Nikolaus Goetze with Magdalene Weiß
Project Leaders Di Miao-Weichtmann, Michael Munz,Li Zhaoying, Fanny Hoffmann-Loss
Project Team He Xiaoshu, Kai Lange, Liu Lingxue, Jiang Wei, Fang Hua, Qian Shuo, Simon Seelig, Zhang Fangji,
Project Management China Wu Wangshu, Shen Huiwen, Kong Buhong, Sa Xiaodong

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