BROW LAB in Beijing, China by AML Design studio

A traitor who acts in accordance with the situation

Project Specs


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This shop insists on using only professional scissors and blades to trim eyebrows by hand. I agree with this artisan’s attitude.

▼眉研所外立面,三个门框代表了三个视角,facade of the BROW LAB, the three doorframes on the outside represent three perspectives


▼设计动态图,concept gif

The three doorframes on the outside represent three perspectives, through which different colours and textures can be seen. Three spaces represent a certain state of life and also express our attitude. In this era of rapid change, can machines make everything more efficient, emotions and human nature more efficient? In this age of concise thinking, how can we maintain ourselves? What is the real self?

▼眉研所外立面,透过每个门框都可以看到不同颜色和质感的空间,facade of the BROW LAB, different colours and textures can be seen through the three doorframes on the outside

▼透过门框看眉研所主入口(左),透过玻璃门看工作区(右),entrance of the BROW LAB viewing through the doorframes (left), the working area viewing through the doorframes filled with glass (right)

▼入口细节(左),等候区和吧台采用醒目的红色(右),entrance details (left), the waiting area and the bar area in the striking red color (right)

▼工作区采用天然的混凝土色彩(左),VIP区(右),the working area with the natural color of the concrete (left), the VIP region (right)

▼工作区,the working area


▼室内平面布置图,interior layout plan

设计师:阿穆隆 宋小有 刘宠
摄影:金伟琦 宋小有 刘宠

The design team: AML Design studio
Architect: A mu long , Song xiao you , Liu chong
The project name: BROW LAB
Project site: Beijing Chaoyang Shi Mao Tian Jie
Project type: Shops, Eyebrow trimming
Design time: 2019.04-2019.05
Completion time: 2019.05-2019.06
Photography: Jin wei qi , Song Xiao You , Liu Chong

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