Broadcast-bo Coffee Experience Area Shanghai by A3 VISION

A simple and open space

Project Specs


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This project, located in a corner of the first floor of a three-story fair-faced concrete building, is a coffee area for a women’s clothing brand experience store. The floor-to-ceiling windows can face a patch of Mexican sage and lemongrass that are growing unrestrainedly.

▼项目外观,appearance of the project ©是然建筑摄影

▼咖啡厅主入口,entrance of the cafe ©是然建筑摄影

▼种满墨西哥鼠尾草和香茅的花园,garden with Mexican sage and lemongrass ©是然建筑摄影


The original intention of the design is not to do too much decoration, with the organic symbiosis between the new design elements and the original building, the texture and structure of the original clear concrete is retained without too many changes and additions. The new floor is made of terrazzo, which is similar to the texture of cement mortar, so that the color of the floor is close to the concrete of the original building. The overall color is mainly gray, metallic and light wood, hoping to create a simple and open space, an environment that blends inside and outside, and a comfortable place to enjoy coffee.

▼项目室内概览,overview of the cafe ©是然建筑摄影

▼整体以灰色、金属色、浅木色为基调,The overall color is mainly gray, metallic and light wood ©是然建筑摄影

▼新的设计元素与原建筑之间有机的共生,the organic symbiosis between the new design elements and the original building ©是然建筑摄影


With a large round table with a diameter of nearly four meters located in the center of the coffee area, making coffee drinkers sit around and cheerful. The operation area formed by the slanted console and the round table is independent and open, ensuring that the barista can easily interact with the customers while preparing coffee.

▼咖啡区域中心的大圆桌,a large round table located in the center of the coffee area ©是然建筑摄影

▼窗边与圆桌之间的座位区,siting area by the window side next to the round table ©是然建筑摄影

▼独立又开放的多种座位形式,independent and open seating forms ©是然建筑摄影

▼大圆桌与座椅细部,details of the large round table and the seat ©是然建筑摄影


Both the hand-painted illustrations scrolling on the square ring-shaped soft screen on the large round table and the artist’s paintings hanging on the far wall add a sense of motion and color to the whole space.

▼滚动播放的手绘插画与远端墙上挂的艺术家画作, the scrolling hand-painted illustrations and the artist’s paintings ©是然建筑摄影

▼平面图,plan ©艾舍尔设计 A3 VISION

项目地点:中国 上海
设计公司:A3 VISION
建筑设计:formless design

Project Name : Broadcast-bo Coffee Experience Area
Project Location: Shanghai, China
designer office: A3 VISION
designer office
Director: Zhifeng Wang
Design Team: Jin Fan 、 Chao Liu
Material list: Main materials: stainless steel, oak, terrazzo
Project Year: 2020.6
Project Area: 135 ㎡
Architectural design: formless design
Photographer: @schranimage

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