Breitenbach Landscape Hotel – 48° Nord by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

(project completed) A Nordic temperament in the France village.

Project Specs


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*Hygge : 在丹麦语中指的是一种舒适又惬意的感觉或时刻――不论是与他人或自己、在家里或户外,平凡或不平凡――只要它是舒适、迷人和特别的。
Hygge : A Danish word used when acknowledging a feeling or moment, whether alone or with friends, at home or outdoors, ordinary or extraordinary as cozy, charming or special.”

Breitenbach景观酒店“48° Nord”从斯堪的纳维亚传统中汲取灵感,同时依托当地的美食、疗养和自然环境,为阿尔萨斯地区带来真正意义上的生态旅行体验。

48° Nord坐落在Breitenbach村庄的高地上,重新诠释了北欧传统小屋的建筑形式,为客人带来在大自然中休养生息的机会。项目场地位于一个自然保护区的中心,其设计理念是在不造成任何干扰的前提下与自然环境和谐相融。

Breitenbach Landscape Hotel proposes a holistic and a true ecotourism experience in Alsace, inspired by Scandinavian traditions and building on the region’s culinary, wellness and nature opportunities.

Perched on the heights of the Alsatian village of Breitenbach, the landscape hotel 48° Nord reinterprets the traditional Scandinavian hytte, a place of retreat and reconnection with wild nature. At the heart of a protected Natura 2000 site, the project was designed to fit into a preserved setting without ever disturbing it.

▼项目概览,project general view © 11h45

来自法国-丹麦的客户与来自挪威的建筑团队,二者对于设计和自然材料的一致追求促成了48° Nord的诞生。酒店采用了大胆的建筑形式与设计,并兼顾了以健康疗养为主的理念和独特的饮食文化。48° Nord所采用的是一种在当地从未出现过的形式,能够有效地将地域特征与景观风貌融为一体。

A Franco-Danish client, a Norwegian architect, a common attraction for design and natural materials. It was from this exceptional meeting that the 48° Nord project was born. Breitenbach landscape hotel encapsulates daring architecture and design, a spirit of well-being and a sharp culinary culture. By uniting local identity with the landscape through forms still unseen in the region, the architect gave 48° Nord a unique architectural expression.

▼48° Nord重新诠释了北欧传统小屋的建筑形式,the landscape hotel 48° Nord reinterprets the traditional Scandinavian hytte © 11h45

项目的目标并非建造酒店本身,而是要在自然环境中创造一个全新的世界,使其成为一个供人居住的、使人感到温馨的栖息地,为所有人留下充满感性的体验和记忆。在这里,客人们可以相聚、分享美食,或者惬意地度过周末;也可以选择徒步游玩孚日山的山谷和高地。48° Nord的建筑语言亦呼应了这一理念:干净简洁的设计与清晰明了的线条使人直观地联想到北欧环境。与此同时,传达与景观和谐相处的艺术也是该项目的愿景所在。酒店的形式虽然简洁,却很难被人忽略:在自然环境的拥抱下,它以一种清醒克制的姿态完成了与景观的融合。

▼场地平面图,site plan © Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

The project goal was not to build a hotel per se, but creating a place to live, a habitat to welcome people and take them on a sensual journey by experiencing a new universe in natural surroundings. A place where guests come to meet people and have a moment, whether to share a meal, a weekend of rest or to hike the Vosges hills and valleys. The architectural approach of 48° Nord echoes this philosophy. The project clean design and signature lines inevitably evoke the Nordic countries. However, the vision is also to disseminate an art of living in harmony with the landscape. Despite its simplicity, Breitenbach hotel 48° Nord does not go unnoticed, but surrounded by nature, sobriety guarantees integration within its landscape.

▼周边环境,context © 11h45


Amidst the trees, natural hedges and wild grasses, and heirs to the Norwegian “hytte”, 14 cabins dot the hillside like boulders on a slope, balancing privacy and outlook. Small, light, discreet, they are simply placed on the hillside. Built on stilts, they are even removable, so that the landscape stays preserved and natural, untouched.

▼一系列小屋通过底部的脚柱支撑,简单地分布在山坡上,the cabins are built on stilts and simply placed on the hillside © 11h45

▼小屋外观,exterior view © 11h45


▼四种小屋类型 – 南立面,four  typologies – all south facades © Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

The untreated and locally sourced chestnut tree (cut on the hill opposite the hotel) clads all volumes, combined only with large glass openings. Four distinct typologies compose a family of forms with diverse qualities.  The ‘Grass’ hytte, on one level universally accessible, are grouped near the main building. The ‘Tree’ and ‘Ivy’, towering thin and slender, combine verticality and panoramic views. Lastly, the ‘Fjell’, atop the hill, welcome families with protected outdoor spaces.

▼“Grass”小屋,The ‘Grass’ hytte

▼“Tree”小屋和“Ivy”小屋, The ‘Tree’ and ‘Ivy’ hytte © 11h45

▼“Tree”小屋,The ‘Tree’ hytte © 11h45

▼‘Fjell’小屋,The ‘Fjell’ hytte © Yvan Moreau

© 11h45


Interiors are minimal and rustic, qualified by the light-coloured wood, snug built-in furniture, framed views and spatial contrasts―perfectly embodying the Nordic concept of “hygge”.

▼小屋内部,interior view © Yvan Moreau

▼卧室细节,details © Yvan Moreau

▼露台,balcony © Yvan Moreau

▼浅色木材和舒适的嵌入式家具, light-coloured wood and snug built-in furniture © Yvan Moreau


When entering the site, you meet the main building dedicated to hospitality, catering and wellness. Its volume is wrapped in Alsatian chestnut shingles fashioned in an integration workshop in Saverne. Responding to the Passivhaus construction label, this intimate setting padded with dark stained wood and finely detailed, opens widely onto the landscape and offers a unique place of meeting, exchange and contemplation.

▼主楼,main building © 11h45

▼桑拿疗养空间,wellness area © Yvan Moreau

© Yvan Moreau  ©11h45

▼休息区,leisure area © Yvan Moreau

▼户外浴池,outdoor pool © Yvan Moreau


The culinary experience, a meeting between Scandinavian inspiration and local ancestral techniques are season-relevant tastes from nature ― all sourced from nearby organic producers and the hotel’s own vegetable garden.

▼酒店餐厅,restaurant © Yvan Moreau

▼餐厅露台,restaurant terrace © 11h45

48° Nord酒店重新定义了奢华的含义。这种新的奢华来自于空间、私密感、宁静、克制、自然以及新鲜的空气――几乎与人们对奢华的传统定义相悖。当客人独自面对风景时,他将在四季色彩与光影的变化中体验到另一种美与舒适的本质,而这也正是自然的精髓所在。

At 48° Nord, luxury is redefined. Space, privacy, calm, sobriety, nature and fresh air is the new luxury. Perhaps the antithesis of the traditional luxury; the pomp, the superfluous. Alone, facing the landscape, guests are enabled to find another essence of beauty and comfort in the shifting colors of the season, lights and shadows, the very essence of nature’s qualities.

▼“Fjell”小屋细节,“Fjell” detailed view © 11h45

▼夜景,night view © 11h45

▼Fjell小屋平面图和剖面图,plans and sections – Fjell © Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

▼Grass小屋平面图和剖面图,plans and sections – Grass © Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

▼Ivy小屋平面图和剖面图,plans and sections – Ivy © Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

▼Tree小屋平面图和剖面图,plans and sections – Tree © Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

Type: Landscape, Commercial
Location: Breitenbach, France
Program: Landscape hotel with a main building for reception, restaurant, wellness facility and the director’s housing, as well as 14 hytte (cottages of 4 distinct typologies) for hotel guests.
Client: Private – Emil Leroy-Jönsson
Size: 20.000㎡ total planning area – Hytte from 20㎡ to 60㎡
Commission type: Direct commission (2015)
Status: Completed (2020)
Design Team: Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter & ASP Architecture
Photo Credits: Florent Michel @11h45, Yvan Moreau, Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

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