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The cambered ceiling drawing studio

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我梦想着绘画,我画着我的梦想 —文森特-梵高
I dream of painting,and then I paint my dream. – Vincent van Gogh


Every painter has his own dream, drawing studio is the place where painters can achieve his dream. Cambered ceiling drawing studio located in an old business building on Fuxing West Road in Shanghai, hidden at the end of the building corridor. The densely covered pipes in the original building ceiling greatly limit the height of the space and badly affect the indoor space to absorbs natural lighting. This factor has led to a major malady of the whole space. This factor greatly weakens the spacious sense of interior space. Under the entrustment of the owner, it is hoped that space can be present as a drawing studio , it can also be derived into a multi-functional space including gallery, exhibition hall, lecture rooms, meeting rooms and ball rooms.

▼画室入口,the entrance of the drawing studio ©吕晓斌


Along the original walls , a graceful curved panel will lead visitors to explore the mystery of the space. The simplicity of white color will arouse the curiosity of the peeping. Adopting the elegant black arcade as opposed contrast to the white color of the public gallery. The black arcade connect to each space as well as introduce visitors to negotiation reception area, lounge area, the office, and VIP studio. At the end of the extension of the arcade is the frosted glass door of the VIP studio. Activities of human is reflected on the frosted glass door by the sunlight, while the light also enters the black arcade space, shadow on glass door just like a natural painting is celebrating the lunar calendar. The original arched Windows of the building were retained in the VIP space, and a new vaulted space was added to combine with the original arched Windows to create a gallery-style studio space.

▼黑色的拱廊与白色的公共空间走廊形成反差(左),拱廊延伸的末端是VIP画室的磨砂玻璃门(右),the black arcade contrasts with the white public gallery (left), at the end of the extension of the arcade is the frosted glass door of the VIP studio (right) ©吕晓斌

▼VIP画室空间入口(左),VIP画室空间,增加新的拱顶空间与原有的拱形窗相结合(右),the entrance of the VIP space (left), the VIP space, a new vaulted space is added to combine with the original arched windows ©吕晓斌


“L” wooden block will present receive counter, display, store, rest, bar and other functions, to make the space as simple as possible, so that the building’s original roof pipes exposed, so that the height of the space fully show. Two arch crisscrossing ceiling design make space looks higher visually, building a quietness and peaceful space. The wooden Spaces on two side of the vault extend the white arched studio visually, at same time allow the sunlight to slide in.

▼画室空间,拱顶两侧的木质空间使白色拱形画室得到了延展,the drawing space, the wooden spaces on two sides of the vault extend the white arched studio visually ©吕晓斌

the drawing space and its light and shadow effects ©吕晓斌


▼隐藏的展板,the hidden boards ©吕晓斌

Wooden arc wall becomes another possibility in this studio space, extend space visually when they are in the fully open studio space, can be display corridors when pulling away from the hidden panel inside the storage room. As the demand of the function of space, panels line up turn to a painting show wall, stitch together as a projection to share the training meeting, with hidden hanging painting track. Special split -levels vaults designed for hiding the air conditioning facility in order to let cold and warm winds depending on the vault ‘s arc from top to bottom. Unfold the hidden panels and join with the vault of the studio to form a complete gallery below the arch.

▼隐藏的展板展开后与画室的拱顶相拼合,从而形成一个完整的拱形画室,unfolding the hidden panels and joining with the vault of the studio to form a complete gallery below the arch ©吕晓斌

▼金属色彩颜料墙,秩序井然,给白色的空间增添了一笔彩虹般色彩,metallic color pigment wall which is arranged orderly, bring rainbow color to the white space ©吕晓斌

close-up view of the metallic color pigment wall ©吕晓斌

▼平面布置图,layout plan ©另建筑设计工作室 

面积:210 sqm
材料:浅色木地板/ 黑色烤漆不锈钢/ 白色涂料 /

Project Name: BOKURA JUKU
Architect’s firm: N+A Studio
Project Type: Education
Location: Shanghai, China
Completion Date: Aug. 2019
Design team: Leo Wang
Contractor: Chen QingHua
Photographer: Lv XiaoBin
Interior area: 210 sqm
Materials: Wood /Pvc/ White paint/
Lighting: CDN

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