Blue Bottle Coffee Hong Kong Café by Schemata Architects

Tile and concrete creating a cozy coffee space

Project Specs


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Blue Bottle咖啡不断地在顾客和员工之间建立平等的关系,这是他们致力于“分享美味咖啡”的表现。尽管Blue Bottle咖啡灵活地融入了各个新店的当地文化,但无论走到哪里,这种态度永远不会改变。

Blue Bottle Coffee constantly strives to create an equal relationship between customers and staff over the counter, which is an expression of their dedication to “sharing delicious coffee.” While Blue Bottle Coffee flexibly adapts to the local culture of a new location, this approach never changes no matter where they go.

▼位于香港街巷中的Blue Bottle咖啡馆,Blue Bottle Café located in the street of Hong Kong © Schemata Architects


In the city of Hong Kong, narrow side streets behind luxurious high-rise buildings are crammed with dingy apartment buildings with random signs sticking out of the walls and laundry hanging on the balconies. Pavements are peeling off and paddles are forming under the feet. We noticed that soles of shoes tend to get dirty walking around the city, which led us to think that perhaps one of the reasons why there are many stores with tile floors is that a tile floor can be washed easily with water and dries quickly in the warm climate of the city. Since this cafe is located on one of such streets, we decided to use tiles.

▼从街道望向一层咖啡空间,view to coffee space on 1F from street © Schemata Architects

▼二层吧台,counter on 2F © Schemata Architects

▼二层座位区,seating area on 2F © Schemata Architects


When applying tiles, we Japanese architects in general prefer using the wet construction method, because we feel it enhances the beauty of tiles. This time, we decided to use tiles designed for the wet construction method that are custom-made in Tajimi city, one of the top tile producers in the world. Since the building is made of concrete, we asked the manufacturer to make tiles in the color of concrete to create a simple and cozy place to enjoy coffee.

▼瓷砖墙面与地面,wall and floor made of tiles © Schemata Architects

▼夜景,night view © Schemata Architects

▼一层平面图,1F plan © Schemata Architects

▼剖面图,section © Schemata Architects

Title:Blue Bottle Coffee Hong Kong Central cafe
Architects:Jo Nagasaka / Schemata Architects
Project team:Kiriya Manato, Yasunori Nakano
Address:38 Lyndhurst Terrace Central, Hong Kong
Construction:Full scale+ partners (hk)
Collaboration:HOSHIZAKI Hong Kong (kitchen) / WHITELIGHT.Ltd(acoustic design)
Floor area : 1F_87.85m² / 2F_90.60m²
Structure : RC

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