Bestseller Shanghai Office,China by Linehouse

A futuristic fashion forward expression of progressive and technologically-driven work space.

Project Specs


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Linehouse has designed the Shanghai office for fashion retailer Bestseller. The office, developed together with Bestseller, is a futuristic fashion forward expression of progressive and technologically driven ways of working. The site is an elongated linear space enveloped by full height glazing on three sides conceived as a sequence of dynamic and collaborative spaces. The design seeks to balance industrial rigidness with subtlety and softness through a series of curved interventions.

▼入口空间,entrance  © Dirk Weiblen


Linehouse introduced a central vista that welcomes visitors and directs the view through the linear space. The vista is framed by a luminous Barrisol stretch ceiling lined with a layer of glass fins. Crimson vinyl flooring unfolds beneath the oblong lightbox. A collaborative working wall is wrapped in a layer of hairline stainless steel panels with sliding whiteboard panels and pin boards.

▼前台区域,reception © Dirk Weiblen

▼中央步道,central walkway © Dirk Weiblen

▼拉丝不锈钢墙板与椭圆形透光膜天花板近景,close-up of the stainless steel panel and glass-fin ceiling © Dirk Weiblen


The entrance wall is a curved fluted glass insertion with a gradient layer of pink to clear that encloses three guest meeting rooms and the entrance doors. The inside of the meetings rooms is painted a soft pink blush with inset asymmetric paneling and oval Barrisol lighting, contrasted with dark blue Tarkett flooring. The teams within the office are divided by a perforated curved stainless steel screen and black framing. The perforated pattern gradients from small to large to provide privacy at the base and more openness at eye level.

▼办公区域概览,overview of  the office © Dirk Weiblen

▼走廊,hallway © Dirk Weiblen

▼会客室内部使用了渐变色长虹玻璃,a curved fluted glass insertion with a gradient layer of pink to clear was used inside the guest meeting rooms © Dirk Weiblen

▼办公区由弧形黑框不锈钢穿孔板屏风隔开,the work space is divided by a perforated curved stainless steel screen and black framing © Dirk Weiblen

▼屏风细节,detailed view of the screen © Dirk Weiblen


Around the central building core a series of meeting rooms, photocopier room, quiet nooks and a pantry are wrapped in a layer of coral coloured metal screening. The vertical screening extends into the rooms and onto the ceilings, contrasting with the exposed concrete ceiling. Set within the pantry is an undulating feature island carved from grey Carrara marble. Cork flooring extends into the lounge space that features a deeply veined customised marble collaboration table and lounge furniture from ZaoZuo.

▼休息室全景,overview of the common room © Dirk Weiblen

▼茶水间,common room © Dirk Weiblen

▼会议室,meeting room © Dirk Weiblen


The scheme contains a series of training rooms for all day workshops with a capacity of 150 people, dedicated livestream studios and meeting rooms. Varied finishes including profiled timber strips and fluted fabric panels line the walls.

▼培训室内的木条墙面拼接, profiled timber strip wall inside the workshop space © Dirk Weiblen

▼会议室内部,meeting room © Dirk Weiblen

▼波浪形布面墙板细节,detailed view of the curved fabric panel wall © Dirk Weiblen

▼七层平面图,7th floor plan © Linehouse

▼十九层平面图,19th floor plan © Linehouse

完工年份: 2020
面积: 1361平方米
客户: Bestseller
建筑事务所: Linehouse(联图)
总设计师: Alex Mok, Briar Hickling
设计团队:Inez Low, Edwards Shi
摄影师:Dirk Weiblen

Year of Completion: 2020
Area: 1361m2
Client: Bestseller
Architect: Linehouse
Design Lead: Alex Mok, Briar Hickling
Design Team: Inez Low, Edwards Shi
Collaboratively Designed with Bestseller
Project Address: 336 Xizang Road, Shanghai
Photographer: Dirk Weiblen
Architect Website:
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