Beehive Urban Reception Room, China by U.N.I.D

Redundant design

Project Specs


感谢 北京不自然空间环境设计对gooood的分享 。
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It is an integrating place that can be used for communication, work, art exhibitions and gatherings. The elliptical venue is transparent on all sides. The only impressive thing that can leave you memories is the structure of the building itself and the lake outside the window. U.N.I.D expects to present it with a temporary space aesthetic while breaking the original look of the building. A place that no decoration is expected to be seen. A place that emphasizes communication in space. The design advocated by U.N.I.D first needs to return to the character of space. When it is enough to bring the experience, the design work becomes less intense, which becomes even redundant in our view.


▼椭圆的场地,四面通透,the elliptical venue is transparent on all sides

▼可为交流,工作,艺术展览,聚会提供场所,place for communication, work, art exhibitions and gatherings


The spiritual core of the place comes from an isolated island in space, which is taken by us as the entrance to the future facilities. The materials in the site are made of the surplus materials of the building, which gives it the inherent life genes to achieve a complete and independent spiritual significance. Not using the redundant design methods or even color performance makes the space slow, old and rough. Therefore the power of the place spirit is closer to the release of people’s emotions, which we understand as the emotion of isolation in the future. The beauty of “temporary” is relative and is a paradox formed by the feelings that appear in the use of the place. Contrary to the spatial comfort of conventional cognition, the external emotional tension of the human communication and the place is maximized.

▼独立岛台,an isolated island

▼四人小桌区,tables for four

▼展现出临时性空间的美感,unfixed space

▼使人的沟通和场所向外的情绪张力最大程度地体现出来,the external emotional tension of the human communication and the place is maximized


In the design process, UNID’s understanding to materials is straightforward, maximizing the use of redundant and degradable waste materials, does not affect the painting of the building structure, the flexible site organization ability, reflecting our thinking about hidden and unnatural conditions. This allows the final presentation of the place to have a natural dominant expression – overlapping symbiosis of people, things and domains.

▼靠近幕墙的落座区,seating area around the perimeter

▼空间局部,small spaces


主创及设计团队: Len.Shi,Jay

More:U.N.I.D (

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