BEE DUCK restaurant by HAO Design

The unique interest brought by a renewed split-level space

Project Specs


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▼建筑外观,exterior view ©Hey!Cheese

The house in this case is a 40-year-old terrace house with a narrow and long pattern, and the internal is cut into many small pieces of space by many old mezzanines which are all the original structure of this house. Therefore, the whole space was dark and lacking of lighting even in the morning. We hope that the old mezzanines in the building can be preserved, and trying to make the disadvantages of the original space be turned into highlights which are presented in a more interesting way through design. The first step is to import light into the room. We remove the useless stairs and built a patio in the central of the building so that the ample light can spread on each interlaced mezzanine evenly. The angle of sunshine which reflects in different corners at different moment also affects our feeling of the space.

▼室内立面图,internal elevation ©HAO Design

▼模型,model ©HAO Design


▼一层视角,view from the ground floor ©Hey!Cheese

▼挑空区的金属楼梯带来分明的错层关系 ©Hey!Cheese
the large metal staircase around the void space brings a clear split-level experience

We raised the height of the rear area of the building, and build a large metal staircase around this void space. When people walk along the wall on the stair, they can see all mezzanines intersperse in this old building simultaneously; the wall of each corner on the stairs are all covered by a large mirror to create an infinite extension of vision also blurs the boundary between the virtual and the real space… Standing on the steps and to enjoy what the space brings to us through this design, whether in vertical space or the split-level space horizontally, will get lots of surprises and fun which is hard to describe in words certainly.

▼交通空间,circulation ©Hey!Cheese


▼正立面的复古精雕玻璃和入口区域,retro-carved glass on the front facade & entrance area ©Hey!Cheese

▼从室内看向主立面,view to the front facade from interior ©Hey!Cheese

▼天窗,skylight ©Hey!Cheese

We use a lot of original iron materials that have been gradually rusted over time to achieve the mottled sense of the old times and retro-carved glass on the facade of the building. The balance between these two materials that can make it looks not be too heavy on visually and still keep the strong style with the features of material; the natural light streams into the depths of the house, greatly improving the lighting function by those penetrating materials on the facade of the building.

▼大片自然光洒进房子深处,the natural light streams into the depths of the space ©Hey!Cheese


▼走廊,corridor ©Hey!Cheese

▼室内细节,interior view ©Hey!Cheese

▼用餐区,dining room ©Hey!Cheese

▼吧台,bar counter ©Hey!Cheese

▼沙发座位区,sofa area ©Hey!Cheese

We use a large number of meticulous metal fittings which are in the style of steam industry era, brass, distressed wood grain, European three-dimensional flower aluminum plate and the special paint on the wall, etc. in the interior decoration. All of them are selected to present a strong sense of time deliberately. On the side of decorative items, we use a variety of components which are removed from old experimental equipment and the unusable old iron pieces also were transformed into lamps and ornaments. When the large mechanical gears unit which is set on the wall and inlaid into the table top starts running, people seems to be screwed into a gorgeous, retro, and fantasy space.

▼仰视中庭,look up from the void ©Hey!Cheese

▼华丽复古的奇幻空间,a gorgeous, retro, and fantasy space ©Hey!Cheese

▼内装使用大量蒸气工业时代的细致金属配件 ©Hey!Cheese
a large number of meticulous metal fittings were used, which are in the style of steam industry era


A traditional old house in Taiwan, infused some elements of steam punk which bring people a strong experience to the senses and mash-up the exquisite workmanship of classical style, play a brand-new look in this unique split-level space.

▼传统透天厝的新面貌,a new look of the traditional old house in Taiwan ©Hey!Cheese

Interior Design: HAO Design
Location: Kaohsiung city, Taiwan
Area: 200㎡
Year: 2019
Project Type: Commercial space
Photography: Hey!Cheese
Main Materials: Polished concrete flooring, brass handrails, smoked plywood, vintage floor tiles, wall coated with tactile materials, French vintage iron window grille, embossed aluminum sheet, black kiln altered floor tiles, imitation stone coating, chandelier made from old laboratory flasks, original appearance iron plate, vintage patterned glass, vintage mirror surface

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