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什么是“Binary”? 据牛津词典释义。Binary:1.using only 0 and 1 as a system of numbers 二进制的(用0和1记数)2.based on only two numbers; consisting of two parts(仅基于两个数字的;二元的;由两部分组成的)。“二元”是一种数制算法,是一种哲学思考,也是一种社会行为选择。

What is “Binary”? According to the definition in Oxford Dictionary, the word “binary” contains two meanings: 1. using only 0 and 1 as a system of numbers; 2. based on only two numbers; consisting of two parts. “Binary” is not only a mathematical algorithm, but also a kind of philosophical thinking and a choice of social behavior.

▼入口吧台,bar in the entrance area

▼酒吧中大量使用了金属和镜面等反光材料,reflective elements such as metal and mirrors are significantly in the bar


This project was inspired from, and paid tribute to, the spirit of American Hipples Movement in 1960s and 1970s, which focused on the slogan “Do your own things”. As the name of this bar, Binary expresses a kind of dualism. However, apart from its literal meaning, the owner wants to pay attention to its spiritual expression, which conveys the idea of uniqueness in classical environment and the freedom in tradition definition. Through design details, for example, the usage of reflective metals and mirrors in this space, we can easily read the spirit of counterculture. The light can reach to every corner of tthis space through the refraction of these reflective materials. The wall of wine embraces the whole space, which creates a maverick independent visual atmosphere. Meanwhile, by fully using the height of this space, the owner creates a “space capsule” in the central area, which connects the cocktail bar in the frontcourt and the wine bar in backfield.

▼红酒区,wine bar



This bar is an ideal place not only for salaryman to free their mind, but also for people who wants to think for himself. Exploration and speculation are the eternal themes when drinking and facing yourself in the mirror. The collision of sharp materials and warm lights expresses the attitude of searching the balance in contradictions, which exactly agrees to the understanding of life in young people’s heart.

▼中心区的“太空舱”贯穿前场调酒吧和后场红酒吧的空间,a “space capsule” is set up in the central area of the overall space, connecting the space between the front and back of the bar

▼“太空舱”细部,”space capsule” detail

▼冰冷材质和暖光的对撞,collision between cold textures and warm lights

Bar. BINARY是对立统一的性别包容;是矛盾与和谐的融合认知;是碰撞形成的花火;也是溪流聚合而成的大海。这里可以是一个人的独立空间,也可以是不同思想的交互场所。这里有酒杯与利刃折射出的无限可能,也有镜面映射中的唯一自我。在你深入探寻自我的同时,说不定你的意识已经像葡萄藤一样完成了与他人的嫁接。

Bar. BINARY is the unity of opposites that contains gender inclusive; it is the cognition of contradiction and harmony; it is the spark of colliding and the sea that consists of streams. It could be an independent space for only one person, and also could be a platform for different ideas. In this bar, you could not only find infinite possibilities brought by the wine glass and tableware, but also see your sole self in the mirror. While seeking yourself in front of the mirror, your consciousness may already connect with others’ like grafting grape vines.

▼酒架细部,wine rack detail


你必然在此处,遇见一个偶然的我。无论欢迎与否,你的到来对我们来说就是必然。Bar. BINARY— A place to be lost and found.

You are destined to be here and accidentally meet me. We will be hear waiting, because you are predestined to come. Bar. BINARY— A place to be lost and found.

▼一层平面图,ground floor plan

▼二层平面图,first floor plan


Project Name: Bar. BINARY
Project Location: Nanjing
Design Company: TURING DESIGN
Conceptual Designer: Li Gan
Detailed Designer: Wang Zheng
Material: Terrazzo, mirror stainless steel, glass, galvanized iron sheet, walnut
Photographer: EMMA

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