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I love natural and rustic materials and am fond of architectural design, so To cherish things, learn from nature is my design concept. In my opinion, a house is a world.

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Yibin is one of the earliest and oldest cities on the upper reaches of the Yangtze River and was called “Bo , “Rongzhou” and “Xuzhou” , which is well-known as Southwest Half Wall Ancient Rong State.

▼区位分析,location map


The first time I arrived at Yibin, I saw bamboo all over the hills and even more impressed by the magnificent verdant momentum of the bamboo forest in southern Sichuan, from which time, I always held the idea of building a world of bamboo in Southwest Half Wall Ancient Rong State, where I can make a pot of tea melting bamboo with ten virtues to hear the wind coming and see the bamboo waves rising and falling, which I believe must be so nice!

▼蜀南竹海 & 竹叶光影,the bamboo forest in southern Sichuan

▼竹叶光影,bamboo leaves filtering the sunlight




with the idea of building with bamboo, I look all over Yibin, but I didn’t find the space in which bamboo is used as a material, which made me very happy . After that, I spent much time looking for bamboo buildings , interior space and bamboo processing and production enterprises. During that period, I collected a lot of information about the design, processing and application of bamboo at home and abroad and also learned much knowledge about bamboo.

▼入户楼梯,entry staircase

▼楼梯细节,detailed view




“Source” is the root of all things. Similarly, the root of No.10 Bamboo Lodge is bamboo,which is the beginning. My design philosophy is natural, rustic, environmentally friendly, so I will try not to destroy nature but to respect nature, which ‘s why I like natural materials. I still hold the belief of One thought, one space, one world.

▼竹编,bamboo weaving

▼楼梯光影,light and shadows at the staircase






I want to to create a world about bamboo, but how should I express and build the world? What kind of experience can such a world bring to the guests? Does every guest feel as warm as they do when they come home? Why the guests choose to come to this bamboo world? What can they experience and feel when being here? and what do they take with them when they leave? With all the above questions, I began to think of the solutions.


▼接待大厅座位,reception seating area








▼客房概览,guest room interior view

Many hotels and B&B are similar in design, which are all dealing with the decoration of walls, floors and roofs, so they are the same everywhere and of course, there are not very obvious characteristics to distinguish . I need to be free from this kind of decoration to solve the problem of space, not decoration.

“I want to build a” skin “to express the concept of space, but the decoration connected with the brain consciousness is to differ the specific parts of each space, such as floors, walls and  ceilings and often the corresponding material inertia will be chosen with the purpose of making every part clean and tidy to show that this is the result of thinking. However, this type of decoration is to cover up the “dead” core, which, on the contrary,  makes it rigid and unnatural. Therefore, I want to free myself from this and rebuild a skin, just as the one people or animals or plants, which I think is natural, open and soft.

I process bamboo into sheets, strips and plates, after that , the bamboo is cooked at high temperature and soaked in lime water, then, it should be dried in the shade naturally to achieve the effect of insect prevention, antiseptic and mildew proof. Besides, considering the flame retardant treatment, I will try not to use paint to achieve the effect of environmental protection.

▼房间分析图,guest room diagrams ©QAD

▼竹皮肤构成,bamboo skins ©QAD



▼竹皮肤细部,texture of bamboo skins ©QAD

I plan to express space only through the different texture of bamboo. The interior of the room is made of bamboo strips, and bamboo skins, like building blocks, bamboo weaving is arched ,forming the unique skin of each space. The top of the corridor is constructed with original bamboo, which is like shuttling through the time tunnel of bamboo forest. Bamboo weaving modeling of hall stairs and the the shadow of bamboo  cast on the wall with the help of light forming a picture like the sunlight through the bamboo leaves in the bamboo forest.

The whole design seems to be a bamboo product design, which is certainly a new way of using bamboo. I hope to find a new exit for bamboo, a kind of natural, environmentally-friendly and renewable material, by this means.

The interior of the room is made of arched bamboo boards, forming the unique skin of each space

▼竹片房,bamboo slice room

▼竹皮房,bamboo skin room

▼竹条房,bamboo strip room

▼竹片房,bamboo slice room

▼竹片房,bamboo slice room


The design of this Bamboo Lodge is very modern ,but behind it , what I want to convey is my understanding and adherence to Chinese traditional culture. In a word, we should respect history and return to nature.

▼平面图,plan ©QAD


Name:A Meticulously- designed Bamboo Lodge
Address:Yibin City, Sichuan Province, China
Type:Interior Design
Indoor area:1150㎡
Landscape area:900㎡
Design time:from June to October in 2018
Creators:Yang Yongquan Architectural Design Office in Yunnan
Chief architect:Yang Yongquan
Interior Decoration:Li Yinxian
Main material:Bamboo\Bamboo grain aluminium alloy
Photographers:Wang Ce\long jun wu
Video:Wang Ce

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