Office Design for Bairong Yunchuang Technology Co., Ltd. in Beijing, China by Ujing Interior Design

Bring attractions into the office.

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Bairong Yunchuang is a company that uses advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing to help their customers improve operation and management level. We – Beijing Ujing Interior Design as is invited to design its headquarters office (6000 square meters) in Beijing. Designers retain the original indoor courtyard, and interwove stairwell, tearoom, pantry, and conference room in here to make it be the core area, transportation hub, and discussion area. From the design point of view, designers are not simply arranging the above functions, but artistically and reasonably interpolate them in space to make them interacted each other visually. At the same time, the arrangement also give the employees the best window lighting area.

▼空间一览,overall view of the office


Designers put a huge “stretching snow mountain” scene on the wall of the three-story courtyard, and it immediately brought people into the European Alps. Moreover, the images of a few brave climbers constantly climbing upwards also inspire Bairong people to explore the future and challenge themselves.

▼挑空区一侧墙面为雪山实景图,scene of snow mountain on the wall of the three-story courtyard


The air stairs from the second to the third floors are like “aerial castle”. The idea comes from the Hanging Monastery in Shanxi, China. The wooden shape reflects the dome arch in the ancient Chinese architecture, and walking in it is just looking at the snowscape.

▼二层到三层的楼梯设在木结构构件后,与雪山图对望,staircase connecting the second and third floors hidden behind wooden trellis, looking at the snow sacpe

▼透过木结构的空隙可以看到办公区,work place could be seen through the hollowed wooden structure

▼办公区,空间通透,可以看到中庭景观,work place with glass walls, through which could enjoy view to the atrium


The narrow discussion room on the side of the courtyard is like a “deep canyon”, which is layers of twists and turns. The concept originates from the Grand Canyon of the United States, which is a magic work of worshiping nature.

▼狭长的休闲区,木结构给人以自然温馨之感,narrow leisure space, wooden structure created a warm and natural feeling

▼天井边的休闲区,leisure space on the side of the courtyard

▼一层茶水区,pantry on the first floor


The designer’s original intention is to bring the scenic spots into the office, which is also the reverence and handling of nature. Designers believe that if employees are able to experience the ingenuity of nature and marvel at its beauty, they can enjoy it and improve their work efficiency at the same time.

▼富有自然气息的办公区,work place with a touch of nature

▼木盒子里的会议室,meeting room in a wooden box

▼一层平面图,first floor plan

▼二层平面图,second floor plan

▼三层平面图,third floor plan


Project Name: Bairong Yunchuang Technology Co., Ltd.
Design Company: Beijing Ujing Interior Design (Original YeGong INTERIOR DESIGN)
Design Team: Ye Shanhe, Zhong Xia, Liu Jiarui
Design Director: Ye Shanhe
Construction Company: abnSpace Design & Construction Co., Ltd.
Project Size: 6000㎡
Complete Time: 2019.07
Lensman: Lu Luxi

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