Azatlyk – Central Square of Naberezhnye Chelny by DROM + Strelka KB

A renovation project for the public square in the city center

Project Specs


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本项目位于俄罗斯的Naberezhnye Chelny,一个于1970年代围绕著名的Kamaz卡车厂而建的工业城市。设计团队对Naberezhnye Chelny的中心广场进行改造,为城市的公共娱乐生活增添了新的活力。

Our in Naberezhnye Chelny, a soviet city built in the late 1970’s around the famous Kamaz truck factory, is a fresh take on the role of public space in the single-industry city.

▼项目概览,overview  ©Dmitry Chebanenko



▼广场设计概念动图,design concept illustration gif

The original square was designed around a formal central axis that intended to connect the municipality building to the Lenin museum. Since the latter was never built, the axis lost its meaning. The square remained formal and monotonous; a relic of the Soviet past that was underused and disconnected from the city and its public life. We transformed the square into a captivating, dynamic public space with multi-character environments and qualities that are inclusive of different groups of people.

Through the strategic relocation of the central axis to the edge of the square, to an existing row of densely planted trees, we stripped it of its ideological underpinning. Thus, providing visitors protection from the elements and connecting them directly to nearby neighborhoods. To intensify activity on the promenade, we designed a series of pavilions to be placed along the way.

▼“新走廊”轴测图,axon of the promenade

▼绿化带旁边的“新走廊”,relocation the promenade to an row of densely planted trees  ©Evgeny Evgrafov


▼“城市地毯”鸟瞰图,aerial view of the “city carpet”

In place of the former central axis, we created a “city carpet” that functions as three squares, each with its own unique character: The Event Square is a paved urban space that is also used for weekly outdoor markets. The “Green Square” is for relaxing on the lawn and enjoying the seasonal landscaping by the city’s planting department. The Cultural Square has a renovated fountain and a new shallow pool for playing in water on hot days. This square is connected to the municipality and a movie theater that is located inside.

▼活动广场、绿色广场鸟瞰图,aerial view of the Event Square and Green Square  ©Dmitry Chebanenko

▼文化广场鸟瞰图,aerial view of the Cultural Square  ©Dmitry Chebanenko

▼文化广场的喷泉和浅水池以及后面的市政大楼,the Cultural Square has a fountain and a shallow pool  ©Evgeny Evgrafov


At intersection with the promenade, each square is energized by an anchor program: an amphitheater doubles as a cafe, a “spiral” viewing platform that is painted in the emblematic orange Kamaz color adds a vertical dimension, and a circular fountain pool that transforms into an ice-skating rink in winter.

▼露天剧场的下方是咖啡馆空间,an amphitheater doubles as a cafe  ©Evgeny Evgrafov

▼咖啡馆朝向新的走廊,cafe by the side of the promenade  ©Evgeny Evgrafov

▼咖啡馆细部,cafe facade  ©DROM

▼露天剧场,amphitheater  ©Evgeny Evgrafov

▼阶梯式平台供人们休息,stepped terrace as resting area  ©Evgeny Evgrafov

▼“螺旋”观景台,a “spiral” viewing platform  ©Evgeny Evgrafov

▼被漆为Kamaz的标志性橙色,painted in the emblematic orange Kamaz color  ©Evgeny Evgrafov

▼在观景台上俯望广场,view from the spiral platform  ©DROM  ©Evgeny Evgrafov


We developed a unique paving pattern for each of the squares and integrated spaces for rest that are protected from the strong cross-winds and sun by strategically placed “hills” and local species of trees.

▼坡地景观等广场绿化,hills and local species of trees  ©Evgeny Evgrafov

▼每个特色广场均设以不同的铺装,different paving pattern  ©Dmitry Chebanenko

除凉亭以外,城市家具和照明设备同样由项目团队设计,由当地制造商深化及生产。一些制造商为了项目的需求特地改良了生产线;项目不仅为他们提供了一个学习的机会,还推动了城市的经济发展。例如,“螺旋” 观景台的主要支撑结构采用了与建造煤气管道相同的技术。长椅制造于当地的一家混凝土工厂;路灯则由标准的工字钢制成。设计团队保留了场地大部分的原有绿化,并且种植了新的树木,使该区域的生态系统重焕活力。这一系列措施在节约成本的同时,实现了可持续性发展的目标,大大减少了位于市中心的大型改造工程对城市及人居的影响。

▼观景台的主要支撑结构采用了与建造煤气管道相同的技术,长椅制造于当地的一家混凝土工厂,the supporting structure for the “spiral” was made with the same technology that is utilised in making gas pipes and the benches were made in a local concrete factory  ©DROM

In addition to the pavilions, we designed urban furniture and lighting elements, which were developed and produced by local manufacturers. For them, the challenges posed by the project provided a new and exciting learning experience. Some, transformed their production lines for the purpose of the project, creating a new niche in the city’s economy. For example, the main supporting structure for the “spiral” was made with the same technology that is utilised in making gas pipes. The benches were made in a local concrete factory, and the lamps were made using standard steel profiles. We also carefully considered the existing ecosystem, leaving most of the greenery and adding new trees. All these aspects helped to reduce negative emotions about the enormous transformation in the city center, making the project more sustainable, resilient, and financially viable.

▼夜景,night view  ©Evgeny Evgrafov


Company name: DROM, in collaboration with Strelka KB
Contact e-mail:
Project location: Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia
Completion Year: 2019
Other participants:
Local Architects: KMT Project Departmen
Engineering: KMT Project Departmen
Planting Consultant: NOVASCAPE,
DROM design team: Asaf Barnea, Aga Batkiewicz, Valentina Ciccotosto, Elif Gözde Öztoprak, Timur Karimullin (partner), Sofia Koutsenko (partner), Roos Pulskens, Timur Shabaev (partner), Pratyusha Suryakant
Client: DROM.RF, Strelka KB
Photo credits: Evgeny Evgrafov, Dmitry Chebanenko

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